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Ljublino have again grasped shuttles

- Pass, the darling, I here with bags. - the young gipsy drives the cart with a pyramid from big-bellied bags to a box of the controller.

- it is not necessary! In cash desk behind tickets - on itself and luggage, - the woman in the form of underground cuts off, having closed pass.

Revolted torgovka tries to mind, but, having understood what to argue it is useless, it is attached to turn in cash desk. In five minutes the lady with the cart, having paid cargo, again at a turnstile. But the heap of the goods does not get in one collar.

- Unpack! - the controller categorically says, and here is already audible, as the adhesive tape on carefully wrapped up trunks is torn. Hundreds pairs the socks, the curtailed down-padded coats wander from one package in another. At last fairly grown thin bags pass through a turnstile. Accursing all on light, the lady hastily stuffs things on checkered kotomkam.

- Forces already are not present, as have got! - At the sight of the next passenger with bags the person of the controller of Lyudmila is deformed for anger. - every day same: bear and bear the bags! We it: it is not necessary, pass is not calculated on such cargoes, and to all of them is equal! In rush hour they here as here with the carts. How not to swear!


From shuttles suffers affliction not only underground. Despite assurances of the authorities, rest to inhabitants of Lublin only dreams. Area about a trading complex Moscow the army of dealers continues to attack.

- As Cherkizovsky have closed in the summer, so businessmen to us and in the Gardener have rushed, - the member of initiative group of inhabitants of Lublin tells Alsu Zabijakina. - Also has begun: hundreds buses from all regions of the country columns ply on our narrow streets. Have arrived at night, otovarilis, and in the morning when all go for work, are developed in court yard and - home. From - for them here kilometre stoppers.

And after all in the end of September inhabitants of Lublin exulted: wholesale trade in to Moscow have forbidden. from now on any wholesale trade in TTS Moscow will not be. This decision is accepted the mayor under the arrangement with owners of shopping centre and businessmen - has declared then on a press - conferences the head of Department of consumer trade and services Vladimir Malyshkov.

Then early rejoiced.

- Till the end of October of buses it was not valid, and have then come in large numbers. Again carts, stoppers... - Alsu sighs. - Perhaps it is simple before elections in Moscow City Council an order directed?


On facades Moscow an inscription Trade in wholesale it is is politically correct stuck by an adhesive tape, and the huge poster Optimum for wholesalers where - that has evaporated.

However, inside compromising inscriptions remained.

By the gross - 200 - the piece of paper on a motley jacket flaunts. only wholesale - the tablet from the next tent is seen.

the Pavilion potters about an ant hill. it is careful - and - and! - every minute bad voice porters shout, pushing through through crowd of ton of the goods. You will not have time to evade - thy problems.

Chineses and Vietnameses Trade basically. Slavonic persons occasionally come across. Owners put for a counter of the local. To the and the people go ohotnee, and to explain on fingers it is not necessary, as how much.  

- I in any way will not understand something: at you here retail or wholesale? - I am interested at the saleswoman. - like wholesale have forbidden...

- At retail all should trade, and by the gross - who will want. Anybody forbade nothing.


On a parking for Moscow In the distance from narrow-minded eyes, incessantly smoke buses, swallowing the bales rolled up by an adhesive tape. Today obviously put Pyatigorsk. Only from a city of mineral sources I have counted about 15 buses. Three of Krasnodar, Volgograd, Minsk... From fifty it was typed. Both will be loaded, and will go. By the way, on assurances of officials, these buses not only to Moscow could not reach, but even wheels towards ring did not dare to turn: employees of traffic police should brake and develop there and then a column in a way back. entrance of buses and large-capacity motor transport to inhabited files, and also on territory of a trading complex " is forbidden; - prefect JUVAO Vladimir Zotov assured of the official answer to the complaint of inhabitants recently. Then have learnt to fly...

Security guards kites scurry about between cars - protect shuttle calmness.

- you photograph, and we will cover you, - whisper my companions, but vodily, having caught sight of the camera, already call protection.

- At us it is forbidden a photo - and a video shooting, projdemte to the chief of protection.

Unexpected turn. As on confidential base. We ask to call the director Moscow .

- a leah So is forbidden wholesale trade? - I ask.

- I will not make comments on a word of the prefect. He already all has told, - the director of the market Yury Korjakin cut off.

And prefect JUVAO Vladimir Zotov, we will remind, has the day before declared: the arrangement Has been reached that here will not be engaged in wholesale trade. But, as the shopping centre has created all conditions for a trade part who disturbed by this trade?

To us! - local residents repeat. But them, seemingly, do not want to hear.

P. S. Behind comments we were converted with official inquiry personally to the head of capital Department of the consumer market and services to Vladimir Malyshkovu. The inquiry has been sent on Thursday, but the answer has not followed yet. However, the official to accuse there is nothing: under regulations the mayoralty can respond within 30 days. So we wait...

the Photo from a site www. lublizon. net