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From - for pregnancy Abramovich`s girlfriend is afraid to fly to Novosibirsk

Women of fashion from all Siberia rubbed hands for pleasure when have learnt about opening in Novosibirsk a new boutique Kova & T . And it belongs to anybody to other, as to girlfriend Abromovicha to a secular lioness of Darii Zhukovoj. Darya promised to open shop on the eve of New year, but with plans has interfered pregnancy. As it became known to Zhukov should give birth in December of this year for this reason boutique opening is postponed till spring of 2010.

- Darya personally wants to open shop, and it is literally for each trifle is stirred: a leah have brought wall-paper, a paint, furniture... These cares badly affect pregnancy, besides she now is afraid to fly by planes not to do much harm to the kid, - Anton Bogoslavsky, business - partner Zhukovoj admitted. - Therefore we have decided to postpone all till the spring. By then, both the child will grow up, and Darya can easy arrive to Novosibirsk on opening.

Now in shop Zhukovoj there is a repair: the furniture with gold stampings is brought from Europe, and wall-paper - from Moscow, they are made to order, in the manual. Designers say that stilisticheski the boutique will be issued in Gothic black tones, on walls - there will be the drawing, also one of interior counters - the aquariums built in walls. In them Zhukov will lodge the presents big iguan. The price policy of the future shop is far from an average prosperity novosibirtsev and is certainly calculated on gilt youth and local secular lionesses. For example, floor price legginsev in a boutique Zhukovoj 6. 5 thousand roubles, vesper dresses - 20 thousand, handbags and other accessories from 5. 000 wooden .

By the way

the Director of shop was chosen by the lie detector

As soon as Darya Zhukov has declared opening of new shop, was typed about one hundred wishing to take a place of the director in a new glamour boutique. Candidates passed oral interview, filled questionnaires, as a result the choice Zhukovoj has stopped on Dmitry Nagornom. Only here before the guy to employ, it have checked up also on the lie detector.

- Dmitry the sociable person, therefore is a lot of time check on the lie detector at us has not occupied, - tells Snezhana Lazareva, Anton Bogoslavsky`s assistant. - All was fifteen questions, and he where - that for half an hour has responded to them. Check cost on the detector has managed in twenty five thousand roubles. However, from - that boutique opening is transferred, we had to suggest to Nagornomu to work while in other place - Dima till the spring will get hand in in Darya`s Kova capital boutique & T. As to two managers and the manager which have selected last week, we for a while will recommend them in other shops, and in the spring when the boutique will open, we will invite them again.

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