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Novosibirsk has got in dinamitnyj the list Military - marine sea fleet

the Booming echo Ulyanovsk vzryvyv (we will remind, on Friday in a warehouse of ammunition 31 - go an arsenal of the Minister of Defence shells were torn, and in a city state of emergency till now is saved. More in detail - on a site) have responded yesterday in capital of Siberia. On Sunday on the Internet there was a list of the cities which have sheltered in the territory, like Ulyanovsk, military parts and warehouses of ammunition. The published list, where under point 18 Novosibirsk not full - under some information is designated also, it consists not less than of 70 points and carries a signature stamp Top secret . The genie of the doubt who have been let out from a bottle of military secret, gradually gets into heads of usually phlegmatic Siberians: a leah instead of rvanet and at us?

the Trouble of townspeople (especially that live on the right coast) strengthens event of eight-year prescription when in military unit territory Military - marine sea fleet, in settlement Pashino, ammunition has blown up. There was it, will remind, on July, 20th, 2001 during works on recycling 57 - millimetric gun shells civil workers. Then one person was lost, three more have got fragmental wounds.

Command of the part to tell about what measures are accepted not to admit repetition of the Ulyanovsk state of emergency, to correspondents has refused, having referred to privacy of object.

By the way as have assured correspondents of service of the information and public relations of the Siberian military district, other arsenals of the Minister of Defence in territory of Novosibirsk are not present.

- Neither arsenals, nor bases it is rocket - the artillery arms, belonging to the Siberian military district, in the city territory is not present, - Valery ShCheblanin, the chief of service has underlined.