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The drunk driver was lost in day of memory of victims of road accident

Probably, it was the ill fate. And when - that it should happen. 39 - the summer Siberian earlier time and again losing the rights for management by a car in a state of intoxication, has broken to death in day of memory of victims of road accident which is marked across all Russia on November, 15th. The woman ran into a column. And despite such tragic ending, GAI officers with simplification exhale: it is good that it was the column, instead of the innocent pedestrian.

- In 2007 the woman already deprived of a driving licence that has refused to take place medical survey, - Alexey Tolochnyj, the senior inspector of department of propagation of traffic police of area has told. - in May of this year it has again sat down for a wheel. However in June has been stopped in a state of intoxication by employees of traffic police. Of it have once again deprived of the rights to one and a half year.

the Siberian followed on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado on the Ippodromsky highway, has not managed to drive, the car has brought … In salon of the car GAI officers have found out a thin bottle of vodka.

- Unfortunately, in Day of memory of victims of road accident on area roads three persons were lost, - Alexey Tolochnyj speaks. - In Novosibirsk area have brought down 30 - the summer guy, and in district Kupino the motorcyclist without a driving licence ran in “ the Zhiguli “ also was lost.

Meanwhile for last five years in unsolemn war on roads Novosibirsk has lost more than 2200 persons! Thus the inspector of traffic police admit that this misfortune even has a especial smell - an electrolit and blood mix, and it already with what the one who happened on a place of accident will not confuse. It leaves a trace on all life.

- the death rate Principal cause on roads is all - taki arrival on the pedestrian, and in a zone of pedestrian crossings, - Sergey Shtelmah, the head of department of traffic police of the Novosibirsk region speaks. - more often drivers break a high-speed mode, it and is at the bottom of tragedy …

And days earlier, on November, 14th, in Dzerzhinsk area there was a failure which could carry away tens lives of usual passengers. The bus Ή 1239, chock-full people, has faced with passenger “ the Gazelle “.

- 52 - the summer driver of a minibus followed along the street Koshurnikova and on crossing with street Frunze, making the left turn, has faced bus under control of 36 - the summer driver, - speak in a regional State traffic inspectorate. - in failure passengers have suffered: four girls at the age from 20 till 34 years and 27 - the summer guy. At passengers plural bruises and grazes, the victim had been rendered medical aid. Fortunately, road accident has done without fatal cases.

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In the meantime

Novosibirsk GAI officers have shot a film about accidents

the Film “ not Declared “ about victims of road accident will show in driving schools to beginning drivers.

Novosibirsk pochtil memory of the people who were lost in road accident, on November, 15th. This day drivers included a passing light of headlights - thus has been decided to remember all victims of failures. Employees of traffic police on the eve of this date presented to journalists 15 - a minute documentary film “ not Declared “. Cinema very rigid, but not cruel - so guards have characterised a picture.

a documentary film Fragment “ not Declared “

- the Film low budget, for it it is spent all 90 thousand roubles, - have told in area traffic police. - it has been removed on money of the commercial organisations and banks of the Novosibirsk region. Authors of a film - young creative collective of directors and Novosibirsk employees of traffic police. It is based on real events and narrates about different stories on the roads which have suddenly carried away lives of people. In a picture some stories about the well-known people are cited as an example, whose lives have carried away accidents, - …

It is supposed to Tatyana Snezhinoj, Gennadii Zavolokine, Victor Tsoy that this picture will show to Siberians who want to receive a driving licence, in driving schools, and also at the motor transportation enterprises and even at cinemas.