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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie descended in a museum

Pitt and Jolie enjoy painting.
a photo: The Daily Mail

Except ceremonies of delivery of awards or occurrence on prime ministers of films Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seldom happen on public actions. Despite problems in their almost five years` relations, recently the couple has visited an exhibition devoted 30 - letiju the Museum of Modern Art in Los - Andzhelese. Contrary to the usual manner of behaviour on public when actors immutably keep for hands and smile, during it private tour on a museum the couple went on distance from each other. Brad and Angelina with concentration considered creations of fashionable artists of Jackson Pollock and Pita Mondriana, showing thus obvious neshozhest tastes: actors were interested in absolutely different products. 34 - summer Jolie who was carefully prepared for issue and has put on a long dress from Armani, looked any tired and hung.   Pitt who has been dressed up in a suit from Tom Ford, with the grey-haired small beard looked the present intellectual. This time the couple was without the noisy kiddies whom star parents have left houses.

After survey of an exhibition Pitt and Jolie have visited during a solemn supper in honour of an anniversary on which singer Ledi the Eider acted. Among other stars a party Gven Stephanies with husband Gevinom Rossdejlom, actress Kate Bekinsejl, singer Shirli Manson, the actor have visited the Pier Brosnan with the wife Kiel Shaj - Smith, actresses Eve Mendes, Dzhessika Alba and others. Director Guy Richi who after divorce with the Madonna again became a lonely bachelor, has thrust for a little table to Gven Stephanie and her husband.

Pitt and Jolie in the Museum of Modern Art in Los - Andzhelese.
the Photo: The Daily Mail

Pitt and Jolie look Jackson Pollock`s picture.
a photo: The Daily Mail

Guy Richi from Gven Stephanie.
a photo: The Daily Mail

Lady GaGa on performance during a solemn supper.
a photo: The Daily Mail