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One sight at a photo favourite - and a pain as a hand will remove

the British scientists of Stendfordsky university have made interesting experiment. They observed of change of activity of the centres of painful sensitivity of a brain with the help magnitno - a resonant tomograph. And already studying the received pictures, have come to an unexpected conclusion: the person can supervise own fighting sensations.

Experience passed so. 36 volunteers have divided into three groups, brushes of hands of examinees placed in boiled water and slightly set fire fire to call painful sensations. But simultaneously with ekzekutsiej to participants of experiment allowed to look at pictures. It was offered to first group to observe for received on magnitno - a resonant tomograph displays of change of activity of the centres of painful sensitivity of own brain. Such images were not offered other group of participants, and the third group has received images of departments of the brain which is not concerning feeling of a pain.

to 36 participants of experiment it was offered to All to try to overcome feeling of a pain by means of simple methods of mental concentration. For example, they were offered to learn to think of a pain as about pleasant poglazhivanii, for example. The participants who had before eyes correct images of the centres of painful sensitivity, have coped with a task in view much better than those who at all has not received, or has received wrong images.

- Results of research will help us to develop further new methods of the treatment, capable to facilitate a status of the patients, suffering affliction chronic pains, - the head of group of researchers doctor Sin Makej has promised. - However we could not reconstruct the mechanism yet with which help to people it is possible to supervise painful sensations.

These experiences of the colleagues, spent couple of years back, was renewed this year by experts of the Californian university in Los - Andzhelese (USA). Their experiences have led to new, more unexpected results. Psychologists assert that thoughts on favourite people are capable to reduce a physical pain, informs compulenta.

During the first experience researchers have put on forearms of 25 women - volunteers of substance who heated up a skin and called average painful sensations. Then everyone ispytuemaja serially took a palm of the beloved, a palm of the stranger and a small ball in a hand. It was found out that during the moments when women held by the hand favourite, the pain was felt not so strongly.

During the second test to participants showed a photo of a chair, the stranger and the beloved. And again the pain gradually receded, if women looked at the image of darling, instead of on other pictures.

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