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Khabarovsk citizens to themselves sew protective masks

So, in the end of last week it became known about two fatal cases in Khabarovsk people at whom doctors have revealed virus Ķ1N1 (“ pork “ a flu).

- the First case has occurred to lethal exod in city hospital ¹ 10 where has died 39 - the summer man, - Anton KARIN, the public prosecutor of department of Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory has told. - the second case is fixed in regional psychiatric hospital. - However, the basic diagnosis in both cases - a pneumonia. So to say unequivocally that people have died from - for “ pork “ a flu, it is impossible. Now the Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory inspects about, a leah in due time, qualitatively and in full volume has been rendered patients medical aid. While to speak about any conclusions early.

that “ pork “ the flu continues to extend, tell also figures. So, for November, 13th in Khabarovsk 388 cases of disease have been fixed by virus Ķ1N1.

As to the general situation, how already it was told above, the number ill with a usual flu and ORVI goes gradually on recession.

  - In comparison with a week before last, there is a disease reduction, - Alexander VARODI, the assistant to the head of department Šīń ­ speaks; consumer supervision across Khabarovsk territory. - so if a week before last the diseased there were 8170 persons on last 7834 persons were ill.

Began to be ill less and children till 14 years. So, if before their number was 4400 last week became on 200 persons less. Also the smallest Khabarovsk citizens, those who else does not have also two years Less are ill. Their week before last was ill 1400, and last week - 1320.

- However the situation remains strained, - Alexander Ivanovich continues. - the Epidemiological threshold in Khabarovsk is exceeded in 2,7 times. In spite of the fact that off-schedule vacation at schools has ended, the right to be closed on quarantine if the number of the diseased is great is given schools. It is saved in Khabarovsk and masochnyj a mode, the situation is not stabilised yet.

we Will remind that, according to the decision of the governor of Khabarovsk territory to use individual defence means sellers, workers of public transport, and also all enterprises who render services to the population should.

Meanwhile at some enterprises which employees are obliged to carry individual defence means, have adjusted own manufacture of masks.

- Manufacture of masks we have adjusted for economic reasons, - Galina OSTAVNENKO, deputy chief MUP " speaks; Tramvajno - trolleybus management “. - The matter is that masks it is necessary to change everyone three - four hours, and for us at the enterprise work more than hundred persons. In the beginning we have got 400 masks, but as they disposable have quickly ended. Besides masks in drugstores have sharply risen in price. Therefore have decided them to sew by own strength. As a result now we give out to each conductor on three masks: one use till a dinner, and the second - after a dinner. And conductors of a mask erase houses, iron, and then again use.

Manufacture of masks have adjusted in sewing shop of Depot 2 that is in area of street Three-mountain. Do masks in the old manner - of a gauze.

- the Gauze I put four times and I stitch from four parties, and then I sew outsets, - the seamstress of Depot 2 MUP " tells Zoe SHISHKIN; Tramvajno - trolleybus management “. - Then I do folds that the volume turned out and it was easier to talk in them. Conductors after all need to declare also stops, and for journey to count. In day I do almost on hundred masks. It was especially heavy earlier. To eleven o`clock in the evening worked. And now, when there is a stock of masks, it became easier, but all the same it is a lot of work. Manufacture is put on a stream. If earlier I sewed both bags to conductors, and mittens, and covers for armchairs now all affairs aside are postponed. A gauze have much bought, so will suffice for a long time. Masks I will do, how much it will be necessary.

Of manufacturing of masks by own forces began to think and at other enterprises. And simple townspeople too start to remember cutting and sewing lessons. The flu epidemic after all will end not tomorrow.

Some prefer to buy masks in drugstores. Only it already deficiency.
a photo: Ilya KRECHETOV