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The minibus travelled about on a city with the dead passenger

About it to the journalist “ have informed in “ fast “. The matter is that on station the call that to the elderly man in the bus marshr has arrived. ¹ 13 it became bad. The brigade has left quickly on final 13 - go a route. But it has appeared that there nobody waited for it. But physicians have not surrendered. They have driven some stops with the light attention light and sound alarm system, but the bus with the patient and have not found out.
it was found out later that the help was required to the passenger 35 - go a route. Physicians all - taki have reached the man, but... Could not help it any more and have been urged to verify death. After doctors have explained to the driver that in such situations by the law it is provided, that a scene and a corpse have been examined by militia (on a case of criminal  destruction) and left the bus for official registration of papers in an official car. Nobody could think that the driver, a few having waited, will go further to a route. Curiously that the passengers were in the bus and observing of an event, were limited to easy bewilderment...