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In Khabarovsk have killed the businessman

As it became known the businessman has been killed in the evening on Friday when came back home. The shot has sounded directly near a house entrance in the street Malinovsky where the businessman lived. According to some information, the malefactor wanted to intimidate the businessman, operating by means of the traumatic weapon, however by fatal accident has pulled the trigger and has shot. Thus the criminal has shown rare accuracy and has got to it directly to an eye. After such chances   to survive at the businessman practically was not. The malefactor or not, however as a result of the got wound the representative of the company " wanted that; Multon has died.
as to shooting about it practically it is not known. Under the available information, having made evil deed, it has quickly disappeared on its waiting car of dark colour and now is wanted. Thus the probability of is not excluded that attempt at life of the businessman had custom-made character. In investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation of Khabarovsk territory of comments on the given case yet do not give.