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In 5 months already gave a borsch to the child - and anything: has grown!

already wrote that Omsk grudnichki will not receive free dry dairy mixes. In the regional budget simply there is no on it money (see In Omsk kids have deprived molochki) . Here is how our readers and visitors of a site have responded to it


- the Demographic situation in the country and so leaves much to be desired. And the state not in a status to execute a necessary obligatory minimum. The person was born, and him even with porridge cannot feed! As always, at us children only also are necessary to the parents. If and further so will go - unfavourable forecasts on which in 2050 in Russia remains all 100 million persons will come true!


- We fed the children with cream of wheat, and in five months already gave a borsch - and anything: have grown! Juice started to add in three months, and now physicians speak, as about one year it is impossible! That, it is necessary to mummies, on - visible, again in the old manner kiddies to bring up: to grind groats and to cook squashes. The Leah


- On the medical statistics, only 5 % of women are incapable of chest feeding of kids. If mixes to give out only to them - will suffice on all! And the others let eat is better and watch working capacity of mammary glands. For this purpose the maternity leave - correctly to raise the child also is given to mummies. A unique certain way of feeding - a chest. So I do not understand, at what here the power?


- Here that is interesting: anybody is not surprised not so by such relation of the power to the simple people. Well there is no money in the budget - will not give, means, on milk!

Andrey Egors, the programmer:

- I do not understand indignation. Parents should support the child. It turns out, someone gives birth to children, and porridge - at the expense of the state?! People have got used to a freebie, now here and are indignant. And after all this food - no more than the auxiliary help. We here with the wife bought mixes for the child. And have then learnt that our kid has the right to state support, and to refuse it did not become. But I understand, as without it it was quite possible to manage!