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Jealous omichka the whole hour has hung on one hand on a balcony

Revnivitsa has decided to find blagovernogo unawares. At Late night the woman has got on the second floor of apartment in the house 13 along the street Malinovsky in which there was her spouse. It has strong seized one hand for an iron rod of a balcony and has hung in mid-air. The spy has tried to unclench fingers to scramble above, but could not. Muscles were strongly reduced, and to weaken them it did not turn out in any way. So the poor creature if at this time along the street there did not pass the guy also has frozen. Having seen the woman, it has typed phone of rescuers.

- In 15 minutes we have arrived into place, - the rescuer 2 - go a class under abnormal condition - a life-saving service of Omsk Vitaly Suvorov tells. - we look: under a balcony the woman hangs, by sight to it of years 30. We have tried to unclench her hand, but it was uneasy - fingers have grown dumb.

Revnivitsa has told that has got into the house to find the husband in embraces of the mistress.

When rescuers have helped it out of trouble, on the house has approached fast . But the pighead has refused services of doctors and has rushed in that apartment, but already through an access door.