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The newborn named in honour of one of villages - Rodino

Failure has occurred on October, 22nd. From Mongolia the bus in which there were 18 persons went to Kazakhstan. All of them were among themselves relatives. The big family - Kazakhs on a nationality - has decided to move to live on the historical native land. The road went through Altay territory. Nearby to district Rodino the bus has faced about VAZ - 21102 and has overturned. As a result of 8 persons have appeared in hospital. Among them there was also a pregnant woman. From - for endured shock at it childbirth has begun. Fortunately, they have passed without any problems and complications - the boy was born the healthy. At first mummy has decided to name the newborn son, as well as it is necessary, the Kazakh name. But, having thought, has changed the choice. As road accident has done without victims, the woman and its relatives have named the boy of Rodino. At 26 - summer mummy it already the fourth child. By the way, the kid is till now in TSRB Rodinsky area. And at all from - for problems with health - on the newborn cannot make all necessary papers.

When the lying-in woman together with relatives moved from Mongolia to Kazakhstan has issued a transit visa which granted to it the right to be in territory of Russia only during a way. Who knew that there will be a failure

- As there was an emergency situation, to it have prolonged the visa on greatest possible in this case term - 10 days, - Tatyana BEZRODNJAJA, the chief of territorial point UFMS of Russia across Altay territory in village Rodino tells .

upon termination of this term mummy with the child have discharged from hospital, and they have gone to Kazakhstan. However abroad the kid have not let out, as on it the visa has not been issued and it has not been entered in the passport of mother. A hitch that his mother - the citizen of Mongolia, so, and the passport at it Mongolian. Therefore under the law the data about the child should bring in its document at least in embassy of this country. The nearest embassy of Mongolia is in Irkutsk. But go there parents of small Rodino could not: the reason is banal - there is no money.

- From - that have not let out the child on border, mummy has been urged to bring the kid back to children`s hospital in Rodino. Itself has left to Kazakhstan as its further abiding in territory of Russia was illegal, - Tatyana Bezrodnjaja tells. - Now employees of migratory service have contacted embassy and try to solve this situation.

According to doctors, small Rodino fine feels, at it excellent appetite, the boy well adds in weight. However, the kid does not have not enough mum. By the way, the hospital and migratory service have at own expense got to the godson diapers and baby`s undershirts. And absolutely it is touching... Having learnt about happened, the local veteran of war Andrey Serafimovich Tsibenov has brought in hospital of 400 roubles from own pension - on pampers to the kid. Tells that in due time ministered in Mongolia, here he and was cut to the quick by this history. And meanwhile parents of the kid still have never called in hospital and have not taken an interest, as there their Rodino

For the hospital personnel (on a photo - Irina Ivanov managing children`s branch) Rodino became native
the Photo: it is given TSRB Rodinsky area

- We, of course, with hope wait for messages from them, - Sergey Nikolaevich, head physician TSRB speaks. - But there is such impression that they and are not going to take away the child at all. God grant, that I was mistaken.

In case mummy and does not appear, after a month of the kid will translate in the House of the baby - in Volchihu or to Barnaul. Really from - for banal bureaucratism mother any more will not see the krovinochku, and the kid remains the orphan at live parents?

Actually if it really and is future Rodino waits far not the light. Otkaznuju from the child his mother did not write. And it means what adopt the kid can nobody

And at this time

In Barnaul the migratory increase in population

According to Altajkrajstata increases, for 9 months the number arrived to Barnaul has made
6 thousand 819 persons, including 4 thousand 895 persons - from cities and areas of Altay territory, 1280 persons - from other regions of Russia, 598 - from the CIS countries, 46 - from other countries. It on 0,4 % (28 persons) is more in comparison with the similar period of last year. The quantity of the decreased population has made 5 thousand 663 persons that on 9 % (548 persons) it is less in comparison with 2008. Thus, the indicator of a migratory gain has made 23,8 counting on 10 thousand population (9 months 2008 - 12,0 counting on 10 thousand population).

Also the increase in population of Barnaul has occurred at the expense of decrease in death rate and birth rate increase: from the beginning of year in Barnaul it was born 7 thousand 368 children, on 350 newborns more than in the similar period of last year. In comparison with last year in regional capital death rate (on 468 cases) has decreased.