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Win tickets for a jazz in Ekaterinburg!

on November, 12th, there will act Sergey Pronja`s Quartet . The Ural collective under the direction of one of the most talented trumpeters of Russia will present the new concert program.

the jazz suite " becomes the central composition of forthcoming evening; H - dance with it the collective already acted in Moscow, and here in Ekaterinburg it will be executed for the first time. Besides, the musician plans to please visitors with the musical finds in the field of improvisations - possession of the diversified styles and directions allows collective to show all sides of performing talent.

when has begun the career Sergey Pron?

1.   In 1989, becoming the soloist and the second conductor of the Ural state orchestra of jazz music.

2.   in 1980 when became the teacher of musical school of P.I.Tchaikovsky.

3.   In 1983 when has created a quartet of modern jazz music.

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