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The Altay employees of traffic police does not suffice alkotesterov

One of these days in Moscow has passed the All-Russia meeting on which discussed safety questions on roads of our immense country. Including spoke and about shortage alkotesterov. And here preljubopytnejshuju the thing was informed in the report by the chief of Department of maintenance of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Victor KIRYANOV :

- For today we have 6800 certificated devices, allowing to define degree of intoxication of the driver. But it is necessary for high-grade work still an order of 12 thousand. The acute shortage alkotesterov is marked in Adygea, the North Ossetia, the Perm edge, Sverdlovsk and Saratov areas, Moscow and (a drumbeat!) In Altay territory.

We have decided to find out, a leah really situation with alkotesterami is so critical, and were converted behind comments into traffic police of Altay territory:

- we Will begin that 152 devices are now bought, they are in all branches, on each stationary fast of traffic police, - Oleg HOVALKIN, the deputy chief of department of traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Altay territory has explained to correspondents . - But a problem that each device through certain time should be withdrawn that we could check up its accuracy. And for this time there should be available a second device on replacement, therefore now it is necessary for us as much devices.

For the Altay drivers it can threaten those, for example, that instead of check on their road will send for examination in a medical office. And it, at least, spent time and nerves. But there are also good news: the problem will be solved in the near future not to admit possible inconveniences.


Alkotesterom of traffic police it is possible to spend not less than 150 tests in day. The device has certificate of Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation, and also the certificate on entering into the Register of type of measuring apparatuses (SI) of Gosstandart of the Russian Federation. That is official indications alkotestera traffic police have validity.