Rus News Journal

Your lunar calendar for week from November, 30th till December, 6th 2009

Monday, on November, 30th

15 - e the lunar days, the growing Moon in a Taurus. Since the morning, having considered everything, safely make decisions. Do not enter disputes if business does not concern important issues. Be careful of cold. It is necessary to support immunity - eat every evening garlic in any kind.

Birthday men: Gennady, Grigory, Zahar, Ivan.

the Calendar: Day prp. Nikona, the abbot Radonezhsky. Day svt. Grigory of wonderful TV.

Rising:   8. 34

calling:   16. 04

a longitude of day:   7. 30

Tuesday, on December, 1st

16 - e the lunar days, the growing Moon in didymuses. Try to use the intuition - important only to filter excessive suspiciousness. Day equal in respect of state of health, but nevertheless keep nervous system. Stops are vulnerable. In the evening weakening massage will be effective.

Birthday men: Nikolay, the Novel.

the Calendar: Day of struggle against AIDS. Day of sacred Andrey (kat.) .

Rising:   8. 36

calling:   16. 03

a longitude of day:   7. 27

Wednesday, on December, 2nd

17 - e lunar days, a full moon, the Moon in didymuses. The full moon gives energy inflow. But be careful, really estimate the possibilities and a situation. Be careful to do far-reaching conclusions. The manicure, a hairstyle and hair-dyeing will be successful.

Birthday men: Alexander, Veniamin, Valentine, Gerasim,   Dmitry, Sergey.

the Calendar: Svt. Philaret. Icons of Bozhiej of Mother In skorbeh and pechaleh Comfort .

Rising:   8. 37

calling:   16. 02

a longitude of day:   7. 25

Thursday, on December, 3rd

18 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in the Cancer. Even try not to be at home in loneliness in the evening. Find employment to liking and try to understand the doubts. Meetings can appear solving. Do not overload joints. Eat a beet - it is useful to blood.

Birthday men: Alexander, Alexey, Anna, Vasily, Vladimir, Grigory, Ivan, Joseph, Fekla.

the Calendar: Day of the lawyer; invalids.

Rising:   8. 39

calling:   16. 01

a longitude of day:   7. 22

Friday, on December, 4th

19 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in the Cancer. Very favorable day. Look narrowly and listen to details - they can bear important sense. Be engaged in domesticities in the evening. Please itself with something especially tasty - today it not to the detriment.

Birthday men: Ariadna.

the Calendar: Day of computer science. Candlemas of the All-holy Empress of our Deipara. Day sacred Barbarians (kat.) .

Rising:   8. 40

calling:   16. 00

a longitude of day:   7. 20

Saturday, on December, 5th

20 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in the Cancer. Day, frankly speaking, so-so. Try to slip easily, without conflicts which are very probable today. Be not torn in a society. Be not overstrained on work. In a garden we throw snow over beds with wild strawberry and garlic.

Birthday men: Alexey, Arhip, Athanasius, Vladimir, Gerasim, Feodor.

the Calendar: Blgv. kn. Michael Tver.

Rising:   8. 42

calling:   16. 00

a longitude of day:   7. 18

Sunday, on December, 6th

21 - e the lunar days, the decreasing Moon in the Lion. Today it is not necessary to catch at all collected problems. Communicate with native, friends and children. Protect warmly - vascular system. For health strengthening drink vegetable juice.

Birthday men: Alexander, Alexey, Boris, Grigory, Mitrofan, Feodor.

the Calendar: Day of Sacred Nikolay (kat.). The second Sunday Adventa (kat.). Day of Alexander Nevsky.

Rising:   8. 43

calling:   15. 59

a longitude of day:   7. 16