Rus News Journal

The forecast from Innokentija Lunova for November, 30th - on December, 6th


to get rid of uncertainty in, show to associates that you really stand. Prove to close people that it is for what of you to be proud.

the bullock

strike up the new acquaintances useful to communication will be for you as it is impossible by the way. You have a chance   to find not only partners in business, but also well-founded admirers.


you will be in good shape, and associates   will not disregard it. Be going to accept compliments and to receive gifts. The circle of your adorers will extend.

the cancer

Is time to learn correctly to place priorities. You pursue at once some the purposes and as a result can not achieve any. Think that to you it is really important and expensive.

a lion

you work too much and almost do not give time to the family and to yourself. So cannot proceed any more. Take a time - a miss and have a rest from turmoil.

the maiden

to Distract from sad thoughts meetings with friends and various cultural actions will help. Now the loneliness is counter-indicative to you, happen in a society is more often.


On work will estimate your enthusiasm and, most likely, will offer participation in the new project. Compensation for works   will not force itself   to wait! Soon the financial position will improve.

a scorpion

Despite coming nearer colds, you will feel fine and   no indispositions to you will be terrible. But nevertheless do not forget about preventive maintenance and a healthy dream.


Supervise the mood and do not force associates to please in all of you. It is time to temper justice with mercy. Even very close people and that are dissatisfied with your behaviour.

a goat

do not postpone a straight talk with your second half. Your relations became cool enough, and is not excluded that darling has on that reasons.


to Reach financial well-being relatives will help. Be converted to native behind the help and offer business cooperation, it can be rather favourable.


this week it is better to be kept from large purchases and on a broader scale any affairs connected with money. Do not give and do not borrow and do not forget to pay the bill.