Rus News Journal

To whom the ARIES   will carry this week, on November, 26th - on December, 2nd


Any changes will lead to success: during week-end try new kinds of entertainments,   change image. Take care of itself, but also others do not offend.

the TAURUS  

your financial status promises to improve, afford a few luxury. On November, 29th start business which can quickly finish.


Has come it is time resolute actions. On December, 2nd the success will be brought by important undertakings.

the CANCER  

to you will carry in the decision   workplace issues. Show patience, avoid conflicts.

the LION  

Excellent time for daily efforts: be reserved by products, strengthen relations in a family.


habitual affairs will crown by Success: work, adjust a life, but be not frank with colleagues.


Pleasure promise easy employment. Work in a sparing mode, communicate with friends, 27 - go and 28 - go refrain from important acts.


to you will carry in creativity and love. Only be afraid of easy success: can turn back disappointment.


will bring Good luck work on specialities and contacts to nice people. Be not engaged in affairs, to which does not lie smothering .


Excellent time for strengthening of an organism and dialogue with wildlife. Try to calculate correctly means and forces, keep to a diet.


you will succeed in the decision of material problems. But it is not necessary to strain. Unite efforts with the native.


Perfect it is time for important meetings and professional work. On November, 26th finish any business.