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This is it! In Moscow

on November, 29th statement KING OF POP will pass in the Kremlin.

Now numbers become property of all admirers of the king. Moreover, in one program authors have connected the high points of its tours - Victory Bad Dangerous History . There will be also a well-known lunar gait, hits Billie Jean Thriller Beat It ...

Yes, the most important thing: the unique image of the king will be recreated by actor Ernest Valentino. When he steps on the stage, its voice and movements so remind Michael that public fades in ecstasy. Together with it on a scene there will be 16 musicians, bek - vocalists and the dancers one of which will be Walker Kento Mori.

the Kremlin palace, the m. item the Aleksandrovsky garden Borovitsky .

on November, 29th the beginning in 19. 00.

the Price of tickets: from 1000 rbl.



we Play tickets for show KING OF POP

answer a question: How much years Valentino is engaged work under Jackson ?

Answers send to the address: oksana it is strict today, on Thursday, on November, 26th. Do not forget to fill out the a name and phone number! good luck!