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I starved myself half a year. But has not decreased for gramme .

Remember Andersen`s old fairy tale about the swineherd who has bought kisses of the princess for a magic pot which unmistakably guessed that today make for a dinner at the world judge and that the cook of premieres - the minister

In a cycle " cooks; the star Refrigerator the journalist Tatyana Shahnovich will tell to you that occurs on kitchen of known and successful people. And even will glance in an inner sanctum of any modern apartment - the refrigerator!

By the way, in first ten refrigerators we have glanced without the preliminary prevention.

Evelina SAKURO: Nikita Mikhalkov has advised: do not grow thin!

the Popular actress, the performer of a role of the mother-in-law komdiva Kotova in Nikita Mikhalkov`s film Tired with the sun - 2 Which leaves in hire next year, has recovered for a role on 15 kgs. As it was necessary to get rid of them and that the actress thinks concerning diets, Evelina Sakuro has told

Weight at a birth - 4 kg.

Upon termination of school - 58 kg (growth of 160 centimetres).

For pregnancy has recovered on 30 kg

- Gave birth late, in 32 years. All nine months lay on preservation and last months was huge, as the tank. But has grown thin quickly and with little effort.

To what aspires (without fanaticism!) - 60 kg.

Evelina SAKURO: Nikita Mikhalkov has advised: do not grow thin!
a photo: Nikolay the DRY WIND

- I was born in Tashkent. It was warm, mum ate juicy fruit and transferred me. I was born not through 9, and in 10 months. But all young conscious life I was thin: at growth metre of sixty centimetres weighed 56 - 58 kgs. And the figure at me was modelling: 90 - 60 - 90!

I was In such weight till 35 years. In the first series the Accelerated help - I then was 38 years old - I still weighed 60 kgs. I will notice that I never sat on diets: thanks genetics and an active way of life. And I ate all successively, frequently on two portions.

After 38 years the age began to prevail, and Evelina Sakuro at the same food and a way of life began to type weight. But even then always knew that will easily dump superfluous if will want. Also did not refuse to itself what.

- When typed superfluous kgs - ceased to eat. I could eat and sit 10 days of nothing on one water. When became unbearable, afforded a table spoon of buckwheat cereal. Coffee and cigarette plus (there are weaknesses what to do!) . But I in nowise advise nothing to anybody. I do not consider it as a normal diet, it is simple to me helped. During such periods at me the weight kg every day left.

Couple of years back for a role in a film Tired with the sun - 2 I had to recover specially on 16 kgs. Before shootings I weighed 62, and a month later began to weigh almost 80 kgs (that you will not make for the sake of a role at Mikhalkov!) . And Nikita Sergeevich, having learnt that in life I weigh much less, has authoritatively advised: do not grow thin!

But superfluous kgs did not give rest, and I have decided them to dump. But not here - that was! In an organism there was a failure, and I have understood that after forty years to lose superfluous kgs oh as uneasy. I starved myself half a year. But has not decreased for gramme.

42 - go the size Evelina Sakuro last time put on favourite leather trousers 10 years ago. Not especially mourning, the actress nevertheless does not hide them far
the Photo:

Clothes 46 - go the size it was necessary to replace the author with clothes 52 - go. For hunger at me headaches began. I have sharply turned to the aunt who could not return to the body in any way. And after all the thick woman at any age feels itself as the old woman! To me began to offer a role of grandmothers. Depression progressed... And I have decided to grow thin urgently.

I have refused from sweet, flour, fat. Half a year sat on a separate food. And only a year later after shootings I have grown thin for ten kgs.

Now Eveline Sakuro of 48 years, and it, smiling, shows me the favourite dark blue leather trousers 42 - go the size in which as it seems to me, still plans to stand out.

Today at Eveliny a new phase of relations with meal.

- to Grow thin? Yes for what! - reads my thoughts of Evelina, and we, laughing, there and then we start to eat greedily fresh rolls with a poppy and grapes

- All are nonsenses: diets, kgs. The most important thing - composure which you reach, only when nearby the loving husband, the happy child and the cosy house, - Evelina is assured. - And when the woman starts to grow thin or, God forbid, lays down under a knife of the cosmetic surgeon - means, in its private life not all is smooth!


1. I eat, only when very much it would be desirable!

2. It is necessary for Someone to eat some times in day, me enough one.

3. Meat and a potato I eat separately: either that, or another.

4. Everyday starvation is useful not for all and at certain age ceases to work.

5. I do not believe psychotherapists and dieticians: Beautiful speeches seldom help.

6. Arrange the private life, and you look at yourselves and surrounding with other eyes!

the Favourite dish - an energizer

Fried meat with an onion and garlic.

the Cervical part of pork it is cut by thick pieces (2 - 3 sm). On a frying pan we fry fat, we spread in fat meat. We fry from both parties. We salt and pepper. We cover and soar on small fire of 15 minutes. Then we open a cover and it is again fried from both parties. Then we add the cut onion, whole zubchiki garlic.

That stores the refrigerator of popular actress Eveliny SAKURO
the Photo: the author

the Refrigerator (regiments from top to down):

1. Batter, a long loaf, tostovyj bread.

2. A doctor`s sausage, sausages, a mum`s jelly, bread black, fish for a cat of Murki.

3. Sour cream, mayonnaise, plavlenye curd cakes, mashed potatoes in a pan, sauerkraut.

4. Every possible jam from the mother-in-law and the mum`s girlfriend.

5. Fat - the salted pork fat, red caviar, a strawberry in own juice, eggs, language jellied, a green peas, the cook - kola.

6. 5 - a litre pan of a borsch, milk, a dried melon, chilli - the sauce, the glazed curd cakes.

7. Garlic, lemons, an onion, carrots, a potato.

On a lateral door:

1a. Butter creamy, curd cakes cottage cheese.

2. Butter creamy, nuts with honey, cubes.

3. Mustard, jam, chocolate, field mushrooms preserved.

4. Chile sauce, soya sauce, a dry feed for a cat, tomato sauce, Crimean adzhika.

5. Tomato sauce, ketchup, a horse-radish, ground by a feijoa.