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In Kaliningrad will limit vodka sale

If Social council offers at the Department of Internal Affairs of the Kaliningrad region which have been developed on a session course on November, 25th, will get support in regional parliament, for local fans to drink black times will come truly. A leah

Yes only for boozers? Idea of an interdiction of round-the-clock trade in spirits and restriction of time of their sale by the period from 14 o`clock till 21 o`clock, it is possible to assume safely, anyhow will concern overwhelming majority kaliningradtsev. Not to mention that their part which has not had time to knock 21 year, - from this age, according to public men, it will be possible to consume . And with obligatory presence of the passport. If, of course, will not frighten off essentially increased surcharges (concrete figures are not sounded yet) on hot at restaurants, bars and cafe.

it is probable, to accept so abrupt recommendations Social council the information according to which today every tenth crime in Kaliningrad and its vicinities is made in an alcohol intoxication has forced.

In particular, it is offered to forbid trade fire-water in discos, fate - concerts, musical festivals and open summer platforms. And low alcohol cocktails and derivatives on the basis of cheap wines so on a broader scale fall under an unconditional interdiction.

as possible future, and already the current legislation it is supposed to punish Infringers strictly. There is a decision of the head of Kaliningrad behind number 1846 from August, 9th, 2006 about an interdiction of trade in alcohol in radius of 200 metres from a manger, kindergartens, schools, the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE and high schools. It is already not known, how before, but in immediate prospects of the businessmen who have disdained the given statutory act, it is supposed to deprive of the corresponding licence. By the way, in the black list shops around 49 - go lycee, 30 - j and 38 - j high schools, and also the main case of Technical university on Mira prospectus already appear.

the initiative on federal level is curious enough to leave also: the Kaliningrad fighters with the green snake intend to achieve entering of the amendment into the Code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation that were fined not only official and legal, but also on a broader scale any persons breaking rules of sale spirtosoderzhashchej of production. Besides, it is planned to leave in the State Duma with the offer to develop the bill on activity realisation medical - labour dispensaries. And to a premise in them chronic alcoholics.