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to Hiddink again will carry!

in a week, in the evening 18 - go November, we will already know, our national team on football on the World championship - 2010 goes or not. But until then in separately taken country one question will remove the others on a background. At all who has not had time to be voiced yet about it, remains less weeks that it to make. Words, and truth, it has been told already much. From both parties. But all it is clear that the main words still ahead. Them trainers of Russian national teams and Slovenia Guus Hiddink and Matjazh Kek will tell to the players. It is necessary to suffer only a little.
but it would not be desirable to suffer at all, and we have decided to be converted to those who is better than others knows that prepares for us the future. In salon of an astrology the person on whom we have temporarily shifted all hopes, first of all has opened thick astrological volume and has glanced in June 2010 - go - month of carrying out of the World championship.
- I Russia do not see in June, 2010 in Africa, - the expert of salon of an astrology and a relaxation " has straight off taken aback us; 8 miracle of the world Oleg. - and here Slovenia in the republic of South Africa as though is in the next summer. Also I feel that take place any podkovernye games from both parties. And they can lead to that Russia on the World championship nevertheless will get. Though on its idea there should not be.
we Decide to be converted more close by day today`s. Namely to dates of butt matches Russia - Slovenia.
- on Saturday Russia, most likely, will defeat with overweight in one - two balls, - have pleased us stars with a mouth all the same Oleg. But, as it has appeared, only that after an instant to afflict again. - And here in a return match it will be much more difficult. Can and lose.
It seems that stars to us to have a kind feeling this time refuse. It is necessary to our players to conquer again contrary to .
- Let`s trainers look, it will be easier something to tell about result, - the astrologist gives to us hope. - how planets at them stand in days of the matches, too much depends. Well, in the first precisely we should win. And here 18 - go (date of a reciprocal meeting - a bus Comment) At the trainer of Slovenes unsuccessful day, to it can strongly not carry. Guus, to the contrary, in day of the second match will be on emotional lifting. To Hiddink again will carry! More likely, there will be a drawn game. So, eventually, at ours an every prospect to pass on the World championship., By the way, and maps of Taro confirm it. For Russia the map " has dropped out; Force and at Slovenia the Moon - uncertainty.
well, in vezuchesti Guus all of us more than once could be convinced. And hardly someone will be surprised, if to it carries once again. And together with it and all our football national team.
- it is necessary to remember that stars operate fools, and the wise man itself operates stars - Oleg has summed up. - all depends on our football players. We need to be believed only that they will not bring us.