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New Year tree on - afrikanski

New Year`s mood, as well as gifts to relatives, it is necessary to prepare in advance. has learnt, where and as it can be made!

we Choose a fur-tree

There is no, of course, a speech not about the present fur-tree, it to buy precisely early. And here about on what New Year`s feast your child will go, it is necessary to think already now. The reasons two. In - the first, now it is possible to buy tickets for fur-trees more cheaply, than on the eve of a feast. In - the second in spite of the fact that these tickets most completely not cheap, on some representations they disperse very quickly.

Well and now we hurry to please. Since this day in each number Leisure in Moscow you will have a chance to win tickets for a New Year tree from and our friends.

So do not yawn, buy the newspaper, answer questions and win tickets! We will play tickets on radio 97,2 FM and on a site and section the Poster .

If you have ideas how to have a feast, or you simply want to tell about successful action on which have visited, write to the address: oksana Authors of the most useful letters are waited by souvenirs from and other pleasant surprises, after all New year - a feast magic!

the African circus Mum Africa Akuna - Matata!

In circus Mum Africa the best actors from all ends of Africa are collected: from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt, the republic of South Africa.

In representation participate: the dancers showing not only a plasticity, but also surprising national suits; musical group In AFRICA from Tanzania, under exotic which musical accompaniment there is a show.

the representation Plot is connected with Russia!

In fantastic jungle of Africa there lives the little girl by name of Akuna - Matata. Akuna - Matata comes to friends to Russia and in Moscow gets acquainted with Father Frost and the Snow Maiden whom she never saw before. She invites new friends to go with it to Africa. The wizard accepts the invitation and together with Snegurkoj goes to fantastic jungle...

the Moscow International House of music, the m. item Paveletsky Kosmodamiansky emb., d. 52, p. 8.

From December, 4 till December, 9th. Sessions - in 12. 00, 15. 00 and in 18. 00.

the Price of tickets: from 700 rbl.

Ice show the Nutcracker

the Beautiful and magic fairy tale about the boy transformed into a doll for splitting of nuts, and the kind girl the Mary who has rescued it from myshinnogo the King,   became ice shows!

Has put this grandiose   representation the merited trainer of Russia on figure skating Tatyana Tarasova. And for a theatrical component one of the most creative modern directors - Nina Chusova responds.

For roles in a fairy tale the best figure skaters of Russia struggled. After all it it is necessary not only to play, but also to carry out uneasy tricks!

During representation it will be not simple to sound Tchaikovsky music: Alexey Ivaschenko has written songs which fine supplement action. It is necessary to add that, except music and perfect execution, spectators will be pleased with bright suits and original scenery.

Performance in two actions lasts 1 hour of 40 minutes.

Details: http:// www. thenutcracker. ru/

DS Luzniki the m. item Sports Luzhnetsky emb., 24.

From December, 18th till January, 10th. Sessions: everyday life - in 19. 00, during week-end - in 11. 00, 14. 30, 18. 00.

the Price of tickets: from 300 to 1100 rbl. without a gift. It can be got for 350 rbl.

Booking: (495 788 - 46 - 46.

the New Year`s exhibition - sale at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre

we Buy gifts

the New Year`s exhibition - sale at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre

Here it is necessary to go to all who wants to note beautifully New year. All sections of an exhibition are devoted this feast. For those who believes in horoscopes, - tigers of all sizes and updatings (2010 - j will pass under the badge of this animal!) . In assortment every possible artificial fur-trees, garlands, and also Fathers Frost with grand daughters... The separate place occupies section of gifts. Here both quite habitual souvenirs, and subjects of author`s work.

the Companies, shops and restaurants too will find here all necessary for an ornament - a panel, signboards, a tinsel and other celebratory symbolics.

the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, the m. item VDNH pavilion 29.

Till December, 30th.

the Input free.

Christmas fair of gifts in TSDH

If like to give exclusive gifts of handwork, to you here! Unique things here are on sale. Beginning from man-made angels, finishing fantastic panels from glass and feathers or amber...

various souvenir products from a skin from Krasnodar territory, a smart batic from Latvia, amber ornaments from the Russian Baltic and headdresses of handwork from Czechia are This time promised.

TSDH, the m. item culture Park the Crimean shaft, 10.

10 - on December, 29th.

the Input free.

Christmas bloshinka

Certainly, first of all here follow the vintage goods (things get to this category, which has knocked 25 years) - dresses, headdresses, accessories. And handbags evening dresses especially well disperse from feathers and pajetkami. Many take them as suits for a New Year`s party. And still here it will be possible to find ancient Christmas cards, ornaments, dolls, bears, record players (if it to get the feast precisely will be possible!) And many other things.

In fair take part more than hundred galleries and private collectors from Russia and abroad.

VTS T - the Module the m. item Belarus Tishinsky square, 1.

From December, 17 till December, 20th.

the Price of tickets: 200 rbl.