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Across the Moskva River on the ice breaker...

on a broader scale - that navigation on the Moskva River has ended in October. But now all interested persons have a possibility to look at a winter city from water! The show it is really similar to a fairy tale: ashore trees in hoarfrost, and behind a board lap waves!

Travel on the winter river became possible thanks to yachts - to ice breakers which were started by hostel Radisson Royal Hotell, Moscow ( Ukraine ) . Yachts depart from a mooring on quay Tarasa Shevchenko. (It is located at once behind hostel).

the Flotilla consists of five yachts with beautiful and romantic names - the Check voyage Skarlett the Chapel Selebriti and Ferdinand . They will roll tourists all year long. After all it on teeth ice to 10 sm! At yachts panoramic windows so there is a possibility to estimate unique kinds and to make pictures of capital from unusual foreshortenings.

By New year of the yacht will decorate with celebratory illumination. However, already now in the evenings from quay it is possible to admire the blue illumination of yachts mysteriously going from - under waters.

Aboard snow-white beauties accept to 200 visitors. They go on a route from Quay Tarasa Shevchenko to the New Spassky monastery   and back.   walks across the Moskva River last two hours. Inside it is possible not only to enjoy surprising kinds, to listen to music, but also to have dinner or supper. On a choice offer the meat, fish and vegetarian menu.

During week-end children will be entertained by clowns, animators and conjurers.

Tickets sell on a mooring and in city terminals.

the Price of tickets: pn. - cht. - 1000 roubles (with 19. 30 to 21. 30); pt., sb. And vsk. - 1500 roubles (with 13. 00 to 15. 00, with 19. 00 to 21. 00 and with 23. 00 to 1. 00). Children till five years - it is free.

to Children till 12 years - a discount of 25 percent.