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How to save to 40 % on apartment repair

There is no such sum which could not be dissolved in concrete, a paint, a floor covering, and also in bottomless pockets of building brigades. Thereupon special value is got by possibility essentially to cut down expenses.

Now in the market it is possible if to try, find favourable offers for move-ins to whom it is necessary repair. Whether crisis has tried, whether New Year`s sales not far off, but the fact is available: sellers and manufacturers of the goods suggest to get their goods with discount. However, behind discounts it is necessary to run about fairly: the tile is on sale in one end of Moscow, linoleum - in other more cheaply, and for qualitative interroom dvermi it is necessary to go to Moscow suburbs and furiously to bargain there with the seller. As a result time and the nerves lost on hunting behind discounts, can beat off desire to habitation arrangement.

it is much more convenient, when all discounts for building and finishing materials are collected in one place. As, for example, within the limits of the special discount program for move-ins Create the Cosiness on 155 % which helps to save on repair of habitation 30 - 40 % from srednerynochnoj estimates. Organizers of the program understand that apartment repair in the new house is one more blow under the family budget.

a program Essence in the following: any interested person can get a discount card Create the Cosiness on 155 % which grants the right to reception of rather notable discounts to the goods and services for repair and arrangement. Now the size of discounts fluctuates from 6 to 50 %, and the goods necessary for arrangement are given by twelve companies - partners of the discount program.

it is necessary to add that the discount program Create the Cosiness on 155 % Constantly extends, the quantity of the companies grows, wishing to offer the services to move-ins, and move-ins - owners of a discount card already more than 4500 persons. Every week some tens persons receive a discount card Create the Cosiness on 155 % .

Max - the Decor - the Venetian plasters, art relief coverings, various paints - a discount of 10 %.

EkoDom (the exclusive representative of European stamps Parador, Witex, Magic Floors in Russia) - the laminated parquet or a parquet board - a discount 10 - 20 %.

a parquet - the Hall in addition to discounts 6 - 7 % on the basic production (a parquet board, a piece and art parquet, a pith covering and etc.) Makes to move-ins one more gift - insurance of internal furnish of a premise!

the Absolute the Parquet - wide assortment of a parquet and a massive board under trade mark Wurdeck from tverdolistvennyh breeds of wood - discounts to 9 %.

stamp Doors Studio of doors of Tsereteli from factory Gorizont are exclusive products to order from a natural file of the oak, the furnish executed manually with unique technics in any style and a colour score, any size and in full conformity with your wishes, it is possible to get at a discount 10 %.

Kitchen studio Maria - wide assortment of kitchen furniture, and also a sink, amalgamators, lunch groups, table-tops, extracts and built in home appliances - discounts to 10 %.

Furniture factory Ronikon - the wide assortment of the qualitative furniture, which basis are made by cases - a compartment, modular furniture, furniture for bedrooms, interroom doors, and other case furniture which becomes an ornament in yours the house, - discounts to 10 %.

the Red Mount - discounts of 10 % for the broadest assortment of the Italian furniture for bedrooms, drawing rooms, children`s rooms, 30 % of a discount for complete sets of the furniture made to order, and 50 % - on complete sets of furniture from a warehouse in Moscow.

Light League - discounts of 15 % for the broadest assortment of chandeliers, a sconce, floor lamps, a home decoration and upholstered furniture from known Russian and foreign manufacturers.

House automatics Evika is a protection against deluges and illegal penetrations into your house, a climate - control and   easy management of light in all apartment by means of the panel. On a discount card any complete set will manage at a discount 10 %.

Delicate moving - services in moving and furniture storage in a warehouse - the full complex of services in the moving organisation will manage on 7 % more cheaply.

the Personnel - the Boutique offers services in selection of the checked up personnel with experience and recommendations: nurses, servants, tutors, tutors, nurses at a discount 10 %.

is more detailed with possibilities which are given by participation in the program, it is possible to familiarise on a site http:// www. 155skidok. ru/.