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Health at its finest

Also that already is today in our country of a place where on it not only argue - it such do. Very soon pressing forward to pure water will issue in the form of a government program. Also what then? It is a lot of money? New technologies? Investment projects? Answers to these questions searched at the international forum Pure water .

the State care

- For the first time since 1913 at the state level began to take up the issue at its finest, - the general director of State Unitary Enterprise " speaks; the Water canal of St.-Petersburg the president of the National union of water canals Felix Karmazinov. - And after all this problem concerns each person - water and health are connected directly. It is possible and is necessary to be engaged in medicine, to build the new medical centres. But we should remember thus that the person on 70 - 80 percent consists of water.

- In performances at a forum sounded what to name far not in all Russian regions water it is possible good and pure. The question rests against budgetary financing?

- It, of course, should be. But, first of all, for small settlements where the investor hardly will come. Where except as on the budget to count there is nothing. And in other cases speech should go about other schemes of financing. About investment projects, about the mechanism it is state - private partnership.

- It is state - private partnership - today it more similar on a utopia

- Why? In Petersburg we some years ago realised one of the largest and very much zatratnyh ecological projects - have constructed Jugo - the Western treatment facilities. 15 sources have been involved in its financing - both the private companies, and the international financial institutions, both city budget, and a Petersburg Water canal. All has turned out: Treatment facilities work, water in Baltic sea became purer, the city had additional possibilities for development. We used the received experience in other projects.

Felix Karmazinov

It is impossible to stop in development

- Petersburg often result as an example of the successful decision of questions of water treating - both drinking, and waste. That is at you - very well?

- If to you any head will tell that at it - very well that he has achieved all - advise it to dismiss. The person cannot stand in the development. And the enterprise cannot. Yes, to us is about what to tell. Petersburg - the first megacity where all potable water is processed by an ultraviolet. We have completely refused liquid chlorine, having replaced it on gipohlorit sodium. Have solved a problem of a deposit of sewage. We fulfil the international requirements under the nitrogen and phosphorus maintenance in the cleared drains. At us - a remarkable museum which is known any more only in Petersburg. Our Children`s ecological centre is awarded by the certificate of European EPA

But, actually, we have only approached closely to realisation on - to the present of scale projects. For example, this creation of management system by water supply. We want, that each subscriber received the necessary quantity of water with necessary parametres that all indications of counters acted in film and passed automatically that process did not go by itself, and coped. We have already tried to realise such project in the limited territory. And as a result water losses were reduced more than to third, for forty percent power consumption has decreased, expenses on repair have considerably decreased.

Or other project: transfer of our treatment facilities into renewed energy sources. Today we know how to minimise requirement for the purchased electric power. And not simply we know - we are ready to start realisation of such project. And in the nearest three - five years the Water canal of Petersburg is ready to lower total current consumption on 45 - 50 percent.

there is an IDEA

As drink from - under the crane to make useful

- It is said that you are engaged in working out by any person useful to health of water?

- we Are engaged not, and experts of Rospotrebnadzora, physicians. We are ready to offer possibilities of maintenance of people such water. Usual drinking tap water should be safe - and in Petersburg it is safe. But there are its natural features in each region: where - that it too soft where - that - unduly rigid where - that - deficiency of those or other microcells to Correct all tap water is not present sense: if today on the average in Petersburg a day the person spends about 200 litres of cold water on cooking and drink leaves only two - three litres. And they should bear health.

there will be How a transformation of water in useful to health - about it, think, it will be already possible to speak next year.