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Hearings about Okhta the centre are strongly exaggerated

And frequently their people who are not possessing trustworthy information extend. Therefore those experts who directly create Okhta the centre have decided to exact a promise and tell, how affairs actually are.

On passed yesterday in agency Interfax the press - conferences has acted the main architect of the project Phillip Nikandrov. It has stopped on high lights which call disputes.

To begin with speech has come about legality of building of high-rise object in this place. Nobody argues that the main building of a complex will tower over surrounding constructions. But in that case in Petersburg there should not be a house above thirty metres at all. Any of them will be visible from St. Isaac`s Cathedral colonnade. Namely this landscape opponents of building also appeal. Meanwhile if attentively to look round around we will see 32 constructions in height of more than hundred metres. And only two of them - cathedrals.

Also there is a link to experience of other cities. Really, in Washington, Rome and Venice only one high-rise dominant. But these comparisons are not correct. In the same Venice the population of all of 62 thousand persons. And practically all of them live at the expense of tourism. Petersburg - a megacity. Here weight of interests. Just as in Paris, Prague or Barcelona. In all these cities modern high-rise building is conducted. And it at all does not spoil these capitals. In the next Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn skyscrapers are constructed much more close to the historical centre, than the Petersburg complex will settle down to it. Baltic capitals also are entered in the list a historical legacy of UNESCO. But any hysteria concerning modern architecture there it is not observed.

have separately talked and about those photohorror stories which regularly show on the TV and publish in newspapers. On them Gazprom the centre an ominous black tower hangs over Petersburg. Many Petersburgers for certain these collages saw and were terrified. But these images do not represent the facts. For them took the night image of a structure (naturally, on it it dark) and have simply pasted in a townscape on Neva. Moreover also have approached them to the spectator.

conversation and on the offer Has come to transfer building on alluvial territories of Vasilevsky island. It appears, such variant too was considered at designing.

- But in this case the structure will appear in an alignment of the Neva prospectus, - Phillip Nikandrov has informed. - It will be visible near to a spike   Admiralties, will rise between Rostral columns and will really spoil many so-called otkrytochnye kinds.

And if to look at real computer reconstruction of the present project, from the majority of points of the historical centre Okhta the centre it is absolutely not visible.