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In Volgograd journey to public transport will grow to 10 roubles

Here and have waited! Since December, 1st inhabitants of Volgograd should lay out for one trip on public transport not 8 roubles, as now, and 10. Like a trifle but if to consider that in day we sit down in a tram or a trolley bus not once, for a month the decent sum runs.

with the offer to increase fare to gordume the city administration was converted. And people`s choices have voted for . And, under the decision of deputies, will jump up the prices for the ticket not only in Metroelektrotranse but also in municipal buses.  

the City authorities consider this increase justified. Nod on inflation and increase in tariffs at the electric power, the general expenses for transportation, reduction of quantity of passengers, losses of the enterprises.

- This necessity has ripened for a long time already, - Alexander Popov, the assistant to general director MUP " rejoices to the decision; Metroelektrotrans . - We did calculations during half a year. The journey cost price actually much more above, than 8 roubles for one trip. It turns out, today the enterprise works to itself at a loss, we carry passengers practically at own expense. The administration compensates us only journey of exempts. Therefore we have been urged to suggest to raise to city authorities tariffs. In turn, it obliges us to offer passengers even more high level of service, security, culture of service.

Against increase some deputies have acted.

- In our opinion, to deputies have not given an exhaustive substantiation - why it is necessary to raise a fare, - has voiced the point of view the deputy gordumy Dmitry Kalashnikov. - Here there are some unpleasant nuances. For example, why have decided to raise journey by a tram and a trolley bus since December, 1st, instead of since January, 1st? Leah will turn out so, what in January - February of next year the fare will rise once again? Also it is visible that in the city budget means for indemnification of journey for schoolboys are not provided. Means, there are all bases to believe that is fast our children will deprive of preferential payment of journey.

One more question which arises in this situation, - a leah will rise in price after trams and minibuses? According to Yury Belousova, the chief of Association of passenger autotransport workers of Volgograd, economic feasibility in it is not present:

- I interrogated recently members of association while anybody from carriers did not plan to raise fare, - Yury Nikolaevich has explained. - Almost that price which exists for today arranges all. I know that for fare increase in minibuses the city administration stands up. We plan to discuss this question at working meeting of regional service on tariffs which will take place in the near future.

By the way

Last time fare in public transport raised in June, 2008. Before the ticket in a tram - a trolley bus cost 6 roubles.  

it is important

Travel cards too will rise in price

If school travel cards on voting did not take out - the question was discussed kuluarno. That increase of cost of travel cards for adults - business already solved.


And At this time


For minibuses are going to arrange special parking

It seems that the authorities seriously have attended to security in minibuses: at first spot-checks of employees of traffic police, now - the offer in goradministratsiju about the organisation of special parking for public transport.

- We count on that the mayoralty will help us to organise 12 - 15 places in all disctricts of the city, - Sergey Kolesnikov, the assistant to the head of department avtodornadzora across the Volgograd region tells . - For the last half a year we have given out 25 writs on stay of licences of drivers. Infringements continually, it is frequent marshrutchiki get into the car without survey of the doctor. Private traders quite often throw the Gazelles in court yard, go without checkup. The state parking would solve these problems. There it will be obligatory protection, first-aid posts and experts in engineering control.
however the innovation was necessary to carriers, to put it mildly, not to liking.

- I was in shock when has learnt about it, - Yury Belousov, the director of Association of passenger autotransport workers of Volgograd speaks . - All carriers have bases where render all necessary services before a car exit on a route. And drivers put the cars where it it is convenient: who in garage, who on paid parking. Officials want to oblige all to go on parking for which it is necessary to pay. This intervention in the economic activities, absolutely not necessary burdenings. In my opinion, it is repartition of financial streams.