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Today; together with the head cook of several capital cafes and restaurants Alexey Podterebkovym will try to understand culinary predilections of Byelorussians.

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Cook Alexey podterebkov has had time to work at the most prestigious restaurants of the Belarus capital. Belarusian cuisine adores since the childhood and knows some tens recipes of national dishes. Considers what to be fond of own traditions to Byelorussians the fashion disturbs.

To begin with we have asked Alexey to make a rating of five traditional Belarus dishes. Also it has appeared that many dishes of a traditional cuisine to our contemporary will appear too hard!

- Even Belarus shljahta ate simple food, only more nourishing. Today other products, and food habits have changed, - Alexey tells. - many dishes also have at all become obsolete. In the Belarus menu you will not see zhur, pjachonu, krupnik, ovsjanyj kissel. Soups like watering and kolotuhi. Because all of them very fat and high-calorie. That you have eaten and could work 72 hours without interruption. Today Byelorussians do not need to leave in the field and to go behind a plough or to drag stones. But there are such dishes which remain actual and to the present day. Our kitchen, as well as any, is under construction that is near at hand. In Italy peasants raised grapes and kabanchikov. The famous dish of Italian cuisine - karbonara, paste with sauce from wine, eggs and bacon. The Whole world eats and says that it is food of gods. And at us is shkvarki. That`s quite something! Them in villages and to the present day do, yes so it is good

Cook Alexey podterebkov has had time to work at the most prestigious restaurants of the Belarus capital
the Photo: Victor DUBOJSKY

- And what products have laid down in a basis of our kitchen?

1. Millet for porridges.

2. Milk. From it prepared drachonu - fresh korzhi on milk or whey. Them took for a haymaking.

3. A potato - the second bread for Byelorussians. From it prepared grandmas, a coma, draniki, baked puddings, sorcerers, kletski, kopytki, tushenki,   waterings (Except dranikov, were still sachni - thin pancakes from a rye flour, and skovorodniki - thick pancakes on a barley flour).

4. Mushrooms which at us it is a lot of thanks to a climate. Them both fry, and cook, both extinguish, and pickle, and all the winter long store in preparations.

5. Vegetables - carrot, a beet, an onion. Byelorussians always pickled much and salted. That is prepared for the future.

6. Fruit. Dried apples and pears, mochenye apples.

7. Berries. Jam from a bilberry, a cowberry, blueberries, a cranberry and other berries replaced to Byelorussians refined sweets. As drinks since the old days prepared kissels, sbitni, uzvary (fruit compote in which mint is added).

8. Wood juice. Klenovik and berezovik.

That products not uzharivalis

On a broader scale suppression and smazhenie (zharenie in a fat considerable quantity) is inherent in Belarusian cuisine. For a long time a known Belarus delicacy - smazhenyj a rabbit. A carcass of a rabbit to soak in cold water within 1,5 days, changing water as it is possible is more often. Then to put put in pig-iron or utjatnitsu, 4 bulbs, 2 roots of parsley, 3 - 4 items Fennel spoons, 8 berries of a juniper, 0,5 - 0,7 glasses of water, salt and fat. Earlier at each mistress were in kladovke to steam sloikov baked fat. Fat for this recipe it is necessary much, in the kindled status its level in ware should be 5 - 6 see to Extinguish under a cover. Everyone 30 minul to water a rabbit with own juice. A preparation time in an oven - 2 - 2,5 hours.

Such way guarantees that the product saves a maximum of nutrients and volume because nothing leaves a dish with the evaporated water, as at usual zharenii. All is tight, and the product remains the same weight, as before preparation. This principle of economy typically Belarus.

the Most useful meal grows in radius of 500 km from the house

- Actual dishes of Belarusian cuisine would suffice on some national restaurants! But to popularise the kitchen to us stirs mentality - not in character of Byelorussians to respect and cultivate the past. We have not learnt yet ourselves to respect. Karpachcho is it is tasty. And draniki - usually and is even not interesting. Though scientists of the whole world have already come to the conclusion: the most useful meal for the person grows in radius of 500 km from a place of its birth. We cannot acquire exotic products, because at our organism is not adapted for such set of useful substances. Here Russians have already learnt to love the. And our kitchen is worse nothing, but we why - that do not advance it!


1. Draniki

2. A potato with pork in a pot

3. Potato klyotski

4. Soup from a sorrel

5. The hare smazhenyj

Belarusian cuisine regards OTHER OPINION as of paramount importance waste plants

Ales Bely - the author of the book i stravy - it is assured: The kitchen directly is connected with the Byelorussian culture and mythology.

- I write about that kitchen which in mass consciousness already is not present. Has disappeared for post-war years. But in villages people who prepare ancient dishes - a kolivo, mushroom kissel, kvass were still saved - and it is all in 50 km from Minsk! However, it for 70 years, and traditions can be lost with their leaving there is no such kitchen which would be isolated. Our kitchen - litvinskaja, it is inseparable from the Lithuanian. Belarusian cuisine scooped traditions from the French, German, Polish, Jewish kitchens. It is possible to consider very few dishes original. But loan process was mutual. For example, from our kitchen pies have come to the Jewish - kuleshi which have then gone to travel on all English - to the Saxon world. Poles spoke Byelorussians, as pigs because we had a set of dishes from plants which nezasluzhenno are deprived by attention in Europe: Sorrel, nettle and even a beet tops of vegetable. But later Poles have borrowed at us botvinnju which disdained earlier. One of the most characteristic lines of our kitchen - a support on vegetative components which have been rejected by a civilisation current as not prestigious. And still prevalence of meat dishes which have replaced subsequently a potato and farinaceous dishes. And propensity to excessive fat content as an originality element.

And what dishes Belarus the kitchen is loved by you? Share the recipes.