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The Internet changes neural communications in a brain!

Gary Smoll from the Californian university in Los - Andzhelese has written the book the BRAIN: How to endure technological change of modern thinking .

Dear professor has reflected, as our thinking from - that through a brain takes place an information large quantity changes. At our ancestors all was easier. More easy to them was - that. They on our place would move down for a long time already from coils. And we of anything, live and even in places we prosper.

and so, Gary has spent a heap of researches and has learnt here that. Daily repeated actions - and in this case it is information search on the Internet - influence growth nejronov and interrelations in a brain. They change neural communications in a brain and on a broader scale transit velocity of impulses. And it, matter of course, changes all mentality and behaviour of the person.

the majority of people in similar cases as the neurologist confirms, is received from it only by bonuses. The person changes for the better, after all he thinks faster, processes the information and the decision makes.

- however, it can lead to memory infringements, - as though he casually speaks. - it as though gets littered . And some researches have revealed communication between overutilization of the computer and syndromes of infringement of attention, depressions and uneasiness.

that is all should be moderately. It and to a hedgehog is clear. So the professor nevertheless recommends to start to use that computer who yet has not begun.

- we have found out, what even half an hour in day strongly improves skills of information processing and improves quality of thinking. And it concerns everything, even aged people of 55-60 years and is more senior.