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Radek Shirl: At school the physical culture " was a favourite subject;

About the Russian citizenship

- In due time Vlastimil Petrzhela named you one of the most underestimated players Russian the Prime minister - leagues

- I long got used to Russia. Long did not speak on - russki. But after seven seasons has completely acclimatised: I like a city, the command is pleasant. I with all have made friends.

- Today you already well speak on - russki

- In Zenith for these years there were many players from Czechia which helped me with language development, prompted any things.

- Couple of years back you even admitted that would be not against to accept the Russian citizenship. Today as think?

- I would go on it. The Czech laws allow to have a dual citizenship. But under your laws to become the Russian, I need to refuse citizenship of my country. And it is unacceptable for me.

All rage - on Spartak

- a leah will be reflected a failure in Maribor in game of collections Zenith in last match against Spartaka ? After all it is necessary to win - blood from a nose

- in Kazan it was not reflected In game. Have stood. And after all played in two days after a match in Maribor. Here the main thing - to forget that match faster. It seems to me that our collections and should splash out all sports rage which at them has boiled in a match with Slovenia, in a match with Spartakom .

- Why it was not possible to win at the Ruby ?

- to Play against this command always it is difficult. It fine defends. And with the big efficiency attacks. We to citizens of Kazan had such games when for all match on our gate was three attacks, and we received three goals. It is very careful command which is able to counterattack. With it it is necessary to be on the alert.

Dialogue with girls at Radeka in Petersburg while is limited to autographs

the Joke became a reality

- In Czechia watch your career?

- At us not so it is a lot of players who won an UEFA Cup or the Supercup of Europe. Only six persons. Therefore fans know me.

- Gold a match - 2007 in Ramensky have not forgotten?

- Such it is not forgotten. Before that game we in a hotel room talked to my compatriot Martin Shkrtelom. And he has told to me: Well here, the season comes to an end, and you and have not hammered! I for fun: Yet late. Today I will hammer . And it has turned out (laughs). During game I, of course, did not reflect on value of this goal. But here when the final whistle has sounded, at me there has come full euphoria - unique gold the goal in a match has been hammered by me!

- a leah Truth, what in Europe to all players who have finished career, is a place at club?

- Not all. Only that who supported club long time. For example, to Paul Nedvedu in Juventus a place will precisely find.

- In this season structure Zenith it was updated. A leah with all partners have found game mutual understanding?

- Skeleton - that remained former. So problems was not.

- And with Bystrovym?

- Too any problems. I after all with it already played before its transition in Spartak .

- Level of the championship of Russia has grown?

- Yes. Commands have amplified. Each game is given hard, even against outsiders.

- As training process with Anatoly Davidov`s ward has changed?

- More than new elements has appeared. Game with four collars, for example.

Shirl in the field looks furiously: do not approach - will kill


to Marry to me still early

- Whence your love to football?

- From the father, probably. He too played. And its passion was passed me - in four years I everywhere went only with a ball. Played everywhere where it was possible: in the field, in the street before the house. Has then started to train with the command. And parents in every possible way supported my hobbies.

- What subject at school was pleasant most of all?

- Physical culture. Others did not respect.

- to you it is comfortable in Petersburg?

- I here, as houses. A city well I know. I like to go to the beach on Krestovsky island, on dunes to gulf of Finland in the summer. And I prefer houses to sit in the winter, I look out in a court yard only that meat on a grill to prepare.

- As are restored after games and trainings?

- the Dream. I can oversleep sixteen hours on end. Also dialogue with friends,   fine helps; parents. You will speak by phone - and on a shower it is easier.

- Where like holiday to spend?

- In mounts. After the season termination at first meal to parents, and then - to Italy and Slovakia. On mounting skiing resorts.

- What music love?

- Everything, except a techno and a house. To Russian songs with pleasure I listen.

- And books?

- Them I do not read. I look through only newspapers and magazines. And on a broader scale most of all I like to watch TV. The Czech channels.

- you regularly appear in the Ice palace on hockey. Championship KHL is pleasant?

- Now hockey in Petersburg became especially interesting to me, because in SKA the Czech player Chajanek plays. We have got acquainted with it already here, in Russia. Earlier I knew it only on teletranslations. And now Peter comes to be ill on football for me, and I - on hockey.

- In God believe?

- Into church I come, probably, once a year. My parents do not differ especial devotion. Czechia - the roman catholic country. But, if it is fair, on - to the present of believing people there not too it is a lot of.

- be not going to Marry?

- Is not present, early to me still. I will be in time (laughs).

the FILE

Radek Shirl was born 20 1981 year. Growth 180 see Weight of 72 kg. Role: the halfback.

Career: Bogemians (Prague) (00/ 03), Zenith (St.-Petersburg) (since 2003)

Achievements: the champion of Russia (07), the silver prize-winner of the championship of Russia (03), the owner of the Supercup of Russia (08), the owner of an UEFA Cup (07/ 08), the owner of the Supercup of UEFA (08).

Has spent 189 official matches for Zenith . Has hammered in eight goals.