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Preventive maintenance for tooth protects you from an illness

Stomatologic procedures not cheap, and not to tell that very pleasant. At many to whom for 30, till now the horror arises at a drill sound. But progress is not necessary on a place. To the Kirov stomatologists come to be treated from different cities, and even from - for borders. Treatment which they offer - one of most both qualitative, and inexpensive in Russia. And to our experts go to use highly professional services.

depends On treatment not only health of the patient, but also reputation of an institution. But that you have got to the high quality expert, huge work on its training is necessary. Each private clinic has a certain standard of preparation. It and training in the educational centres of Russia, and a trip on scientific conferences, symposiums. Preparation cost accordingly is already put in the price of services.
- Private clinics do not take on training of students, - the director of Open Company " makes comments; Scale - dent Sergey Smirnov. - We take for work only those experts who have taken place internship, have received the diploma, the certificate of the expert. And in due course in clinic it gets experience. And here already skilled expert is a guarantee of qualitative treatment for the patient.
- in our clinic even stomatologists with higher education work in the beginning as assistants to the doctor, - the deputy director of Open Company " tells; the VIP - dent Elena Zaharova. - At this time they study, practise. After have passed examinations - have shown on patients that they are able to treat, only then them suppose to independent work. And such system of training of the expert is much better and cheaper, after all in each stomatology there are requirements and standards. And each clinic pays attention to a certain direction. For example, we give great attention to preventive maintenance of diseases of a mouth. And the patient hardly will get to the doctor with serious disease if it constantly consults at our experts.
- doctors of our clinics constantly go on stomatologic exhibitions, exit conferences, - the head physician of Open Company " shares; Dental - about Michael Zonenko. - All novelties in stomatologic branch are discussed with colleagues from other regions. And it too the big plus of our experts. We constantly watch innovations in the from rasli.

In Kirov for today more than 80 private clinics, offices. What influences a choice kirovchan? It both a site, and pleasant conditions in the building, and, undoubtedly, qualitative treatment. It depends on the doctor, from modern technologies. The big role plays secondary advertising. Patients go to the stomatologist under the recommendation of friends and acquaintances. Though originally the role is played by the price for services. But when the patient already stops the choice on clinic cost has no such great value.
and more one important factor is a doctor - the stomatologist. To communicate the patient estimates its professionalism and ability already after the first meeting. The LEAH

1. It is necessary to choose clinic and the stomatologist who would watch your state of health. After all one expert will precisely know all your features. So, and treatment will be better - it is not necessary to overpay for correction of defects then.
2. At least once a year it is necessary to put in order all mouth. And subsequently already to be engaged in preventive maintenance. Time in half a year it is necessary to visit the stomatologist. After all in time the revealed problem will help to avoid difficult, so, and expensive cases of treatment.
3. it is necessary to be engaged in Preventive maintenance since the childhood. To the stomatologist experts recommend to make the first visit already in four months. And then to drive the child constantly on surveys. Treatment of a milk teeth - very important for health of a mouth a thing. Not to suppose at all the first visitation of the dentist when at the child tooth was ill. It is impossible to wait this moment - to the expert it is necessary to a message earlier. Otherwise he will be afraid to visit a stomatologic office.
4. to watch over health of teeth. To change time in three months a tooth-brush. To pick up tooth-paste. And, at a paste choice it is not necessary to be guided by the price. More expensively - does not mean, more qualitatively. And it is obligatory to use a tooth thread.
5. it is not necessary to forget that health is not a thing. He cannot be bought in shop. And since the childhood it is necessary to let know to the kid that it is necessary to watch over health of teeth. There is an opinion what to treat a milk teeth it is not necessary. It in a root incorrect representation. From a sick milk tooth there is an infection with bacteria of the healthy. And if the kid parents accustom to visit regularly an office of the stomatologist problems in the future will not be.

From left to right: Sergey Smirnov, Elena Zaharova, Michael Zonenko.
the Photo: Alena ZAJTSEVA (Kirov)

- Claims at patients, certainly, happen, - Elena Zaharova tells. Is a normal phenomenon. Certainly, we try not to suppose poor-quality treatment. But if you work, such cases not to avoid. Errors are not done by the one who does nothing. And at the well-founded claim of patients, we, of course, perelechivaem tooth.
- the medicine is a branch which cannot give an absolute guarantee that process always will pass how it is wanted by the patient, - Michael Zonenko speaks. - There are such cases when the final output of treatment is visible only in a week, and at perelechivanii channels, for example, a minimum in half a year. Nuances arise in any work. And at repeated survey if there is no desirable result, we correct.
all questions are regulated. Not necessarily claim from the patient is something large. For example, we restore a foreteeth. Also we suggest to come in a week. If colour of the patient does not arrange, we correct it.
- very much the important point, - pays attention Sergey Smirnov, - the patient should understand accurately that such teeth which were in youth, you cannot simply receive. 100 % of health never to return. Teeth cannot be made - they are given to the person by the nature. And the patient should understand it. But the doctor should satisfy expectations of the patient as much as possible. The LEAH

- to the Enemy I will not advise the Hollywood smile literally this word, - Sergey Smirnov smiles. - For a banquet, a solemn occasion, shootings on TV do a time design. On a photo it looks beautifully. But eat with such teeth you cannot. It is scenery. The Kirov doctors treat teeth, instead of decorate them.
- Though lately patients with the request even more often began to be converted to decorate teeth with brilliants, pastes, - Elena Zaharova tells. - Especially it is a lot of the patients, wishing to bleach teeth. And we too give such services. It is not injurious to health, but also advantage does not bring. An aesthetics - an important component of stomatologic services.
- tastes at all people different, - are continued by Michael Zonenko. - But there is nothing better, than natural beauty of healthy teeth. Therefore in our clinic we aspire not to ornaments, and to restoration of their natural beauty.

In each clinic to constant patients discounts are given to CONSTANT PATIENTS. There are family, corporate, memory, celebratory discounts. At the first visitation of the stomatologist it is necessary to take an interest, on what it is possible to count. Also in many offices there is a payment system by instalments.