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The writer and the director Paul Sanaev: « From my story « Bury me behind a plinth have made a seamy side! »

Paul Sanaev in special representation   does not need. To tell enough that he is an author to move Bury me behind a plinth here six years on end breaking all records of sales. Also Paul is known as the director who has removed two hit films - Last uik - end and Zero kilometre . And on November, 26th in hire there is its third film On game - the main Russian film release of this autumn to which designate serious cash success. Besides, in the beginning of December at cinemas there will be a screen version the Plinth removed by Sergey Snezhkinym. In a word, occasions to communicate to Sanaevym has stood out at once a little.

WHY we - NOT Hollywood

  - Paul, you any absolutely atypical director for our country. At us after all as it is accepted - almost each young author wants to shoot a small film which will be looked by three persons, but takes in the program the Cannes film festival. You the third film shoot the mass film calculated on millions of spectators successively. How so left?

- I do not have contradiction about it. Understand, the art film -
it is unessential any art house which has been removed for three copecks and clear one director. Author`s is that is made sincerely and with a great interest of founders. In this sense, the happiest director on light - Stephen Spielberg who removes only that is pleasant to it, but thus its films look millions. It is interesting to me to shoot such film on which I would go to a cinema is main criterion. And when I removed Last uik - end or On game films genre, mass, it on - to the present was pleasant to me.

- But the majority of the mass films which have been removed in our country, to put it mildly, are monstrous.

-   But not all., For example, it was pleasant to me Shadow-fighting that the first that the second. I know that concerning this film there are different opinions, but it is tape well made in the professional plan. As to low level of the Russian entertaining cinema: to It there is a weight of explanations - bad technical base, shortage of experts, unavailability of the spectator is conceived by the stories torn off from a reality. We publish the announcement about our gamers, and many turn up the nose in advance - gamers receive real skills, faugh - at - at, bre - e - ed! . And when in Hollywood plan to shoot film where cowboys and Indians unite for reflexion of attack of aliens (I I do not joke!) Is it is considered normal and even curious. It seems to me, in a film On game we managed to find optimum balance between irreality and a reality, but some cavils touch. For example, Where you saw gamers with such good figures and rolled pressami?! All of them pimply and round-shouldered . It is assured that if we have typed pimply and round-shouldered actors, the same people would tell to us: What for freaks you remove? Really it was impossible to find actors more nicely?


-   And in Zero kilometre and in On game you remove history about the young provincials who have appeared in Moscow. Thus you abuse just that about life of these children you do not know anything.

-   Well means I do not know ? I unless was not 20 - summer?

-   The provincial precisely never were.

-   As live on periphery, I assure you, I know. But I would not like to represent life in gloomy tones at all, such truth is not necessary to me. When I collected a material for one non-realised scenario, have specially gone to the Pskov area in a city the Bottom to study the invoice on a place. And   I have seen the following picture - city centre, the station, any cafes. In the middle of all it the dead-drunk person lies with is black - the green person. I now do not exaggerate - such persons on a broader scale never in life saw. The fellow in a padded jacket and an earring from a canning tin nearby hangs out. I to it, mean, I approach and I speak - I want to remove a film, call the friends, I to you   a table I will cover, we will sit, we will chat. And he responds me: Soaring, yes you che? We will get drunk, we will fight also to you a muzzle we will fill!   you want, that I about such heroes removed films?

- Such films and without you on ten a year do.

- That`s it. And them it is not interesting to me even to look, not that what to remove. Such facts of life in news every day show, what for to spend for its screen reproduction one million dollars? I do not love depressive cinema. As - that time I have gone late at night to a supermarket near to the house. On cash desk there was the tired girl finishing the change. And then I have thought - on what cinema it will want to go in the day off? Certainly, on what will allow it on to forget an hour and a half about the problems which will transfer it in about absolutely other world - bright, colourful, interesting. Life - not so easy piece that and in a cinema not only not to be released from difficulties but also to get the new.

- That is in a film On game it is not necessary to search for facts of life?

-   When the spectator looks entertainment   Action - a film, he understands that such history in real life is simply impossible. It is the genre law. To any it is clear that twenty years` teenagers cannot lay four together forty armed mercenaries. But our problem to remove it so that the spectator could believe in it. On the prime minister in October after this scene an applause was distributed. Means, it has turned out, means have believed.

-   you have divided a film on two parts - the first leaves in hire on November, 26th, the second in the beginning of February. Really be not afraid to repeat a bitter experience Paragraph 78 and Manned island which have failed in hire in many respects from - what left in hire not one part?

-   I Am afraid, certainly! But variants was not. The initial variant of the scenario assumed two hours forty minutes. In the history seven high-grade characters,
with the history and destiny. Everyone should have time to reveal. If the film should be reduced at least till two o`clock, the history simply would be lost. It was easier to add some scenes and to make two one and a half hour films. And have arrived. And then, comparisons with the Paragraph and Manned island are pertinent only partly. the Paragraph is one film which has been stretched it is artificial that has made its simply boring. There there was no history more than on an hour and a half. And Island could shoot much more successfully if all did not read the book and did not foreknow, than all will come to an end. I in the first evening after viewing of the first film have downloaded the book from the Internet, have read about the White Submarine, have learnt that the Wanderer - the earth dweller, and all - the intrigue has disappeared. on game - too a novel screen version (it is a question of Alexander Chubarjana`s novel Games in life - red .) But from a literary basis in a film there were only characters of protagonists and the basic idea. That will be further, any person cannot foresee - I am absolutely assured of it. And there will be no place to read.


-   While you are known the wide public more as the writer, rather than the film director. Your story Bury me behind a plinth some years keeps in the list of best sellers. And on December, 3rd on screens there is Sergey Snezhkina`s film with the name with the same name. Why own story was not picturized by you?

-   I wanted to remove Bury me behind a plinth has written the scenario and has passed its studios the Globe . But when start time has come, I have understood that to me to horror is uninteresting the second time to retell already told story once. I cannot simply tell it well because I do not have on it drive. And on a film about gamers the drive is. And when there has come the choice moment - or - or, I have chosen On game . The moment was uneasy, but now I at all do not feel sorry about it whoever that spoke. As though have not estimated a film On Game spectators and critics, for me it there was an enormous director`s experience.

- And how to you a film of Snezhkina?

- Well... It, of course, at all that, about what I have written   the story. Of it have made any seamy side in which the grandmother abhors the grandson and in every possible way is the death of it. Reading Bury me behind a plinth people should not explain that in the story it at all so. The grandmother there all - taki the person many-sided, and perfect actress Svetlana Krjuchkova, unfortunately, plays it monotonously - presses and presses. Personally I would like, that the film was removed by Andrey Proshkin (the director Soldier`s Decameron and Minnesota - red. ), or Larissa Sadilova (the director of a film Anything personal - red. ). And that the picture was closer to that scenario which I initially wrote. But a twist of fate! When Andrey Proshkin asked me to give three years it the story for a screen version on end, I held it for myself. And when I have called him is it have been already occupied by other film.

-   That is, if the film is successful and popular, it will not please you?

-   why? Even if this picture is not pleasant to me, it not a hand-made article any, and serious professional work. And the more people will watch this film, the the book will be better to be on sale.

- After hire of the second part of your new film,   will end; you will be again ready to shoot film?

- Is not present. Last five years I have been occupied only by manufacture of films. I think, time from a cinema has come year - another to have a rest and again to be switched
to literary activity - all 2010 I plan to write the novel Chronicles razdolbaja . Under the contract with publishing house the book should leave in 2011.
and in January of this year there is a gift edition Bury me behind a plinth where there will be forty illustrations and three new heads which never were published earlier.

About WHAT the FILM

On game . The director - Paul Sanaev .

five gamers conquer tournament on Kaunter to the Strike also receive as a gift   disks with a computer game. From disks computers smoke, but gamers receive superabilities - now they can presoak group of members of spetsnaz armed cap-a-pie barehanded. Than they also start to be engaged more close to the film middle.

Sanaev shows, as he is able to cope with the Hollywood material, and obviously marks to the place of the main cash director of the country, vacant since departure at Hollywood Timur Bekmambetova.