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Diet which will help to give up smoking

Milk, contrary to widely known advice, is useful not only for children`s health. Scientists from the medical centre of University Djuka recommend to drink regularly white and the adult. At least, that who is seriously anxious by a question: how to give up smoking?

researchers have interrogated 209 chain smokers and have asked them to name products which improve and, on the contrary, worsen taste of nicotine. About 19 percent have noted: when they lean on dairy products, taste of tobacco becomes intolerable. Approximately 16 percent are assured that sensations from smoking spoil vegetables and fruit. 14 more consider that water and juice are not compatible to cigarettes.

and here as to the alcoholic drinks which uses it is frequently accompanied by smoking they, admitted 44 percent of smokers, call still the big bent for to cigarettes. According to 45 percent opreshenyh, improve taste of tobacco and every possible drinks with caffeine - tea, kola and coffee. In the list of products,   thanks to which smoke inhalation seems to much pleasant why - that has got also meat. Probably, because after a nourishing meal of a hand and reach for a cigarette. And smoking creates sensation of that the food is digested is better.

authors of research, having studied the obtained data, remained are happy. They consider that opinions of the interrogated can become base for drawing up of a special diet. Forming a diet of the smoker, quite really to affect its relation to cigarettes and to make so that it has got rid of a bad habit quickly and without travails.

and what you think? What has helped you to give up smoking?   express the opinion in responses!