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The Novgorod militia remained without a management

the Colonel of militia Rahmatulin has been appointed to the post the chief   the Department of Internal Affairs   in the end of December, 2007. Any serious claims to Rahmatulinu was not. So reasons for heads change in Novgorod nobody sees, without considering, of course, loud December business - murders of the director of motor shows.  

More recently, at a concert devoted to day of militia, Anver Rahmatullin it is proud declared:

- I did everything that the Novgorod militia would be fair and diligent. It was never advertised, I simply minister to the people.

Can had a presentiment of the wrong?

Pravoohraniteli try not to make comments on a situation:

- While we will not tell anything, - has explained the chief of the press-service of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Novgorod region Vladimir Matjushkin. - At first February Anver Jakovlevich is in holiday, its duties are executed by the colonel of justice Sergey Ocheredko. Now it is in working business trip in Moscow. Despite of everything, conditions at us quiet, working.