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The Ekaterinburg police officer has beaten the woman

One of these days employees of investigatory department on Top - to Isetsky area of Ekaterinburg have finished a legal investigation on the next werewolf in epaulets.

Detectives   have established that employee OBEP together with the workmate on February, 16th have visited in the apartment located in the house 17/ 1 along the street Belorechensky. Militiamen have come, wishing to interrogate suspected of plunder. But that has not appeared at home, the door to field investigators was opened by her sister. Guards have asked the woman to follow them in department, but that has refused. Having got the heave-ho one of employees OBEP, 26 - the summer lieutenant has flared up and has some times struck obstinate 37 - the summer citizen. Beat not in the person, and on a body.

Then pravoohraniteli all - taki have left, nesolono nahlebavshi. And suffered in two days has written on their the application.

- On the given fact concerning one operupolnomochennogo criminal case to article " is brought; Excess of powers of office which provides till 10 years of imprisonment, - have told today, on March, 3rd, vzamestitel the chief of investigatory department of investigatory committee on Top - area Isestkomu Boris Sanochkin. -   the next days the question on its preventive punishment will be solved. Concerning the second militiaman check is spent, not excluded, as it can become accused on this business.