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In Buryatiya the pupil of children`s home has cut to itself a hand after interrogation in militia

One of pupils of children`s home in the Buryat settlement Novokizhinginsk has cut to itself hands with a razor edge. However, from hand outer side, instead of there, where veins . And it is not strong. Thus teenagers who suspect of theft, have declared that it has made it in protest at beating in militia. At the Ministry of Internal Affairs other version: thus the guy tries to avoid a colony.

- It 15 - the summer teenager already judged in December, 2009 under article for theft. The sentence - 1 year conditionally, - explains a press - the secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Buryatiya Lydia Tsybikova. - And here three guys from children`s home among which he bossed, have got on theft more largely. All children stand on the account in PDN, were repeatedly involved for different offences. This time they have dragged off from children`s home the musical centre, a teapot, DVD, a ware set. Stolen have found.   Almost for certain the court which waits already for the offender of the teenager, will send the teenager in a colony. Here he also has decided to protect itself(himself) thus.

In militia of Buryatiya share statistics - for one and a half year pupils have made 4 thefts in territory of children`s home and 12 - in settlement territory .

- These children from children`s home, of course, rather problem. Only at our school where all of them study, for last month it is made three thefts. Money from a purse at one teacher has stolen, cellular at another, - the teacher of the literature of local school Tatyana Falileeva tells. - And this time at itself, from children`s home, equipment have stolen. However, there is a version that thefts to teenagers   reserved. The settlement at us very depressive, here lives many the former criminals.      

Deny possibility of a suicide at these teenagers and in the children`s home. Too criminal bents at a Trinity. Yesterday the settlement was visited by the commission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Buryatiya under the direction of the higher ranks. Anything reprehensible have not found out. For thefts of the teenager will judge.