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The size of soft loans for persons included in a waiting list is increased to 100 %

by Prezdident has signed the Decree 120 on which the Belarus persons included in a waiting list can receive the soft loan for a great sum, than earlier.

Before at us financed only 90 % of cost of the metres put under the specification now the state will give out the cheap credit for all cost of habitation. Such possibility will appear at persons included in a waiting list who are under construction in houses with full furnish. By the way, in such kind since July, 1st all habitation in Belarus will surrender. The exception will be made by the large families obtaining the credit for 95 % of cost and a grant at a rate of 5 % from cost of metres, put under the specification.

If the apartment area turns out more than the established specification, citizens on - former will pay other metres from the pocket.

Besides, in settlements with number of inhabitants soft loan cost is lowered to 20 thousand persons also. Now to borrow money for apartments persons included in a waiting list in small towns and settlements will be not under 3 % annual as earlier, and under 1 %.

As they say in the message a press - services of the president, decree action extends on again concluded credit contracts, on contracts on which credits did not stand out, and also on credit contracts, on which citizens soft loans on building (reconstruction) of premises in the apartment houses which have been not placed in operation till March, 1st, 2010 are given.