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Russian museum the roof

has brought Warming in Russian museum waited cautiously. In February some halls of the case of Benua should be released from expositions from - for leakings on a ceiling. Damages small, but for art subjects any climate change is fraught with serious consequences.

When temperature behind a window it is sharp has left upwards, the museum roof has surrendered definitively. Smudges on ceilings were formed at once in several halls on the second floor in Benua. Pictures from the deluged halls should be evacuated. Fortunately, valuable cloths among which masterpieces Walked also Malevich, have not suffered.

- the Climatic mode in all halls of the case in norm, - have told in department klimatologii Russian museum. - we round the clock trace changes in premises, we supervise temperature and humidity, movement of air streams and light exposure. By the way, light influence,   is much more dangerous to pictures; instead of humidity. There are other problems - from - for the same leakings, obrushaetsja plaster, for example. Here it can do much harm. But in dangerous places an exposition have already cleaned.  

Halls, where prohudilis ceilings,   demand serious repair. Therefore to name exact date of their opening it is impossible.

- Most likely, the top floor should be closed completely, - has told the deputy director of Russian museum of Evgenie Petrov. - will make it not earlier than March, 10th when in a building planned exhibitions will end. Walls are necessary for drying up, airing, that there was no mould. And then already to repair.

the Thaw from a ceiling will not change plans of art dealers: all exhibitions planned on the near future will pass on the first   a floor.


the Summer garden will please with all magnificence not soon. The budget on its restoration cut down twice. So, the promised terms - till 2012 - can be removed further away for uncertain time. About it has told to journalists on a press - conferences the deputy director of Russian museum of Evgenie Petrov. However, in the Garden about a problem did not hear.

- about any reduction of financing I did not hear, - manager Tatyana Kozlova has told. - At us here all goes according to plan: trees are treated, archaeological works are conducted. As soon as snow will descend, we will build a greenhouse. Already a lot of work it is made, many sculptures are restored. But remains at all less.