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Than experiment with ODN will turn back for townspeople, Sergey Vahrukov

How much has told it is necessary to pay for the electric power on obshchedomovye needs (ODN)? It is a question which month does not allow jaroslavtsam to sleep easy at night. After in Tutaev, Rostov and Pereslavl payment for ODN have deduced from structure of the bill for housing and communal services and have included in the receipt for the electric power, figures in an abacus were simply mad - on 200 - 300 roubles. The electric power on ODN to people have counted by a principle how much have consumed - for so much and have paid . And they have paid and for that guy .

Today, on March, 3rd, on a press - conferences the governor of Yaroslavl region Sergey Vahrukov has told, how he sees a situation with the electric power on ODN.  

- Deducing of a line ODN from housing - utility has bared the main problem - at us huge volumes of unapproved connections to houses, - Sergey Alekseevich has declared. - In separate settlements we lost more than 20 % of the electric power. And all losses went to tariffs, in the maintenance and habitation repair .

Really before this experiment about illegal connections of the power did not know? Hardly. Tenants of apartment houses pay which year for shops, offices and other organisations which are autocratically connected to their networks.

Fortunately, officials and sbytoviki have come round in time. Inhabitants of Tutaev, Rostov and Pereslavl became victims municipal ekperimenta. Yaroslavl was not included into their number.

- questions of equation of the electric power on apartment houses will not be solved Yet, the population will pay ODN under the specification, - Sergey Vahrukov has told. - the Specification will make for houses without the lift of 7 watt - hour, with the lift - 14 watt - hour. At the today`s price - 2 roubles of 23 copecks for watt - hour, electric power cost on ODN   should make from 14 to 27 roubles on the person.

For now there will be an installation obshchedovyh account devices, and also two-tariff counters on the electric power.  

- People should pay not for that, how much a resource the supplier has released and for losses of this resource in networks, and that they have really consumed, - the head of region has told.

Pleasantly one. As the governor, all overpaid the huge sums in January " has assured; the Yaroslavl marketing company all will count and will return money the next months.   on payments of last year such recalculation also will make. But the person personally should come to the marketing company and write the corresponding application.