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Parents nolinskih schoolboys even are glad that the school is closed

on November, 15th in Nolinske have opened new school. An initial link of schoolboys in winter vacation have moved to a new building. For two years in building it has been enclosed 127 million roubles (9 million roubles it has been allocated from the local budget, other means have arrived from the area budget). To solemn opening invited also the governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belyh.

- In January to us the letter from Rostehnadzora has arrived, - the public prosecutor of Nolinsky area Sergey Krutihin tells. - To them as to supervising body, nobody was converted when the school building has been put in operation. We initiated at once check with all checking instances - Sanepidnadzorom, firemen, Rostehnadzorom.

With those infringements which were found out by check, according to checking, it was impossible to open a shed -   not that that children`s educational institution. In a cellar there was no fire alarm system, under a ladder combustible materials have been combined, the building has been connected to illumination temporarily.

- In classes it was very cold, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Nolinsky area Marina Novoselova tells. - Children froze even in outer clothing. So many parents even are glad that kids have translated to study in other building.

We will tell to the readers, what infringements have found at check and as builders handed over school - watch publications on a site