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To the inhabitant of Kazan from - for a HIV - the status refuse guardianship over the brother under any pretext

we Will remind, Svetlana Izambaeva - a HIV - the infected inhabitant of Kazan here struggles a year becoming the trustee own 10 - the summer brother. After death of their mum of the boy the teacher from Chuvashiya took under guardianship, and has then refused the child, and it have translated in Cheboksary children`s home. To native elder sister of the boy do not give from - for its HIV - the positive status. Hopes that she is a mum of two healthy kids, did not help. Light custodies has decided to reach through court and even has collected bales of documents. But there to it there was a refusal behind refusal. At last, in the beginning of January the Sovereign court, attentively having considered all materials of cases, has returned it on repeated trial.

And here on January, 25th the Aviabuilding regional court of Kazan has allowed to take away Light the brother to itself. Inspired with happiness that at last all crucifyings behind, the young woman, having picked up the both children, has gone to Cheboksary to take away the brother. But there it was waited by an unpleasant surprise.

the Boy to it have not given. It appears, the department on guardianship and guardianship of Aviabuilding area of Kazan has brought an action the appeal, having disagreed with the regional court decision. First the family of Izambaevyh had a hope that on February, 18th to them will give Sashu under guardianship as officials have submitted the cassation with an error, and more there was a chance of reunion of the brother and the sister. However the error guardianship bodies have corrected also business next week leaves on consideration in the Sovereign court of Tatarstan.

is even a month of crucifyings for us for everything, and for Sashi in particular. To us after all do not allow it to take to itself, - worries about the brother of Light.
on inquiry that this time the young woman has made not and in what the cassation reason, in guardianship and guardianship department have responded simply:
- In connection with again opened circumstances.

That for circumstances to extend officials did not become. But Svetlana`s representative in courts - the lawyer of the remedial centre " has willingly shared them; Agora Ilnur Sharapov.

the Main moral argument in this prolonged history - the desire of the boy to live with the sister touches nobody
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- That Svetlana could take the brother to itself under guardianship, it had to take the conclusion in regional body of guardianship the conclusion that it is the worthy trustee. In the list of the collected documents there was also the certificate confirming that fact that possibility for this purpose at it is, the living space allows, - the legal expert explains. - however in the complaint the body on guardianship and guardianship asserts that giving out the conclusion about dostojnosti they did not know that Svetlana - a HIV - is infected though we repeatedly spoke about that, as it and her husband consist on the account in AIDS - the centre and do not represent danger to associates. Besides, the same body of guardianship says that I doveritelnitsy does not have the document confirming that it housing - conditions of life allow it to become the trustee. How so? And the certificate which have given out it in the same administration - it is in business. Besides light with the husband stand on improvement of living conditions. And the body on guardianship and guardianship has submitted the cassation in interests of the child. Really its finding in children`s home where him beat, is taken away from it by a cellular telephone, a player, better, than life with the sister? We will necessarily submit in the near future objection on this appeal.

If the Sovereign court of Tatarstan will uphold the district court decision it will come into force at once. Here then the loving brother and the sister can be together. Of other issue of a suit of Light and Sasha to be afraid even to think.


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