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The French archeologists have found out in Egypt a new tomb

In   vicinities of the Egyptian capital, in a place the Ale - Shavaf, the French archeologists have found out the funeral chamber of tsarina Behenu (Behenu), living more four thousand years ago.

the Funeral chamber respolagaetsja in 25 - a metre pyramid, but   is in the destroyed status. Fragments of two internal walls were saved only. They   richly ukrashenny funeral inscriptions, which   contain special prayers for simplification of a way beyond the grave deceased. According to archeologists,   such texts decorated walls of pyramids only at pharaons of the Fifth and Sixth dynasties (2465 - 2150 B.C.). For the first time such texts have been found out by scientists in the funeral chamber of pharaon Unasa, last governor of the Fifth dynasty. The sarcophagus of Behenu was well saved, because is made   from a granite decorated with an engraving with cartouches of the tsarina and its numerous titles.

Now scientists try to understand, tsarina Behenu - pharaon Pepi of the First (approximately 2235 - 2228 B.C.) or his younger son Pepi of the Second (approximately 2246 - 2152 B.C.) as numerous inscriptions on walls of a pyramid and the funeral chamber do not mention a name of her spouse was whose wife.

the French archaeological mission working on excavation of a necropolis of pharaon Pepi First, has by this time opened seven pyramids of the tsarinas living at the time of board Pepi First and Pepi Second. These pyramids belong to queens of Inenek, Nubunet, Meretites of the Second, Ankhespepi of Thirds, Miha, Behenu. The tomb of one more tsarina of this period of history of Ancient Egypt remains while anonymous, informs RIA Novosti news agency.