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Novosibirsk militiamen were shot from the insurgents who have grasped passenger the Gazelle

This night fighters of Novosibirsk OMON have returned to Novosibirsk from the North Caucasus. Even in the autumn of 2009 after the next series of acts of terrorism in Ingushetia the group has been lifted   on alarm. Twenty Novosibirsk militiamen   have thrown to the aid of local   pravoohraniteljam in the city of Magas (new capital of Ingushetia). In total in four kilometres from capital - the cities of Nazran, become last year it is literally a target for insurgents   and terrorists.  

- Fighters of group participated in public order protection in a city, - the assistant to the commander tells OMON of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Novosibirsk region Dmitry Masharov. - Our group included in prospecting and search operations, in spetsmeroprijatija on detention of participants of illegal armed formations which were spent by Federal Agency of security of Russia. Conditions there are much more difficult, than, for example, in next - the Chechen Republic. Objects of authorities, law-enforcement structures of Ingushetia that is called, under a constant sight .  

in the centre of Nazran Novosibirsk OMON FIGHTERS will remember one of operations, probably, all life. About it time and again already wrote and told many newspapers and TV channels. It is a question of capture passenger Gazelles insurgents on September, 8th:  

- on September, 8th fighters of Novosibirsk OMON and FSB special troops detained insurgents in the private house, - have told in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area. -   in the fastened firing one of gangsters has received a mortal wound, another managed to grasp passenger the Gazelle . During prosecution the car blocked, fight proceeded still some time while at the insurgent one of grenades   has not blown up;

To Novosibirsk OMON FIGHTERS has returned lost-free. Early in the morning on platform of fighters relatives and wives, and also a militian orchestra which waited for hooter of the locomotive driving on station, as a signal of the conductor already waited. The next uneasy business trip has been ended