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Near Volgograd the militiaman was shot: the wife zapilila from - for small salaries

the Senior sergeant Igor Koshkin worked in a temporary detention facility in Zhirnovske in the Volgograd region. The guy frictionless, fairly clever, in absentia went into higher education, recently married.   the spouse was found too in militia, it by the cynologist in the local Department of Internal Affairs. CHereze two months the young family waited for addition, therefore Igor was the supporter recently only.   ploughed on two changes, earned additionally in dresses, but money all the same did not suffice. As well as time for a family. It also became a principal cause of the conflict which has inflamed yesterday.

Igor with Anzhelikoj have got married recently.

on March, 4th Igor has had on duty days and should take up the second. In peresmenku has jumped out home for a dinner,   it that fact,   speaks; that   the sergeant, leaving,   has not handed over a government-issue weapon.   houses, having poured the spouse of a borsch, the wife undertook for educational conversation .

After tragedy   Anzhelika,   will tell   to inspectors,   that scandal has happened, when the family sat at a table. The girl began to complain that at all does not see the husband of the house, he has begun to shout that was tired, he earns money on the child, on normal life for the kid, and it saws it. The spouse   too has passed on raised tone, say, neither money, nor the husband all the same I do not see,   then   has burst into tears, and Igor having thrown not eaten up dinner, has left from domaju.

In 10 minutes in apartment neigbour Koshkinyh has run away: Igor in the street was shot. Anzhelika has rushed to a normal school hostel where on snow the dead husband lay. Doctors fast only have finished survey and have made a helpless gesture: has died at once! They will help nothing.

-   Koshkin has pulled out a pistol of Makarova and has shot to itself at a temple. All has occurred during one instant.   bookkeepers from a hostel saw that the guy   went   very quickly, and has then stopped, second as though has thought and has sharply fallen. Have solved, to badly militiaman.   have run out to look, and it is dead. On   to the death fact   check is now spent. Most likely, criminal case will not be raised, - have informed us in SOU SKP across the Volgograd region.