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Ekaterinburzhenka has locked the one-and-a-half-year-old son in apartment, and in three-day hard drinking

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area itself has left has stopped to understand with criminal case which have got on 25 - letjuju a cuckoo which nearly has not ruined the child. The inhabitant of Ekaterinburg the court now waits. Her accuse under two articles Default of duties on education of the juvenile child and Ostavlenie in danger .

the Grief - mummy Olga K all   last year almost did not nurture the son who was born in February 2008 - go. The child was a burden obviously on it, and the woman constantly drank. The kid did not suffice not only cares of mother, to it not   got even the elementary: clothes, a food, toys.

And that peak event after which at Olga have selected the little son, there was its next hard drinking in which it has hit on November, 25th, 2009. This day mummy has left the little boy in apartment of one, and itself has left on a visit where has hooted for three days. The unfortunate kid cried for hunger and desperately knocked on a closed door. This entreaty about the help was heard by neighbours. They also have called militia.

the Child in a status of an extreme exhaustion have released from a captivity and have there and then taken to hospital. And on Olga who hardly has not exhausted the son, have got criminal case.

- the Bill of particulars concerning Olga K is already confirmed. Business is directed to court, - have told today, on March, 5th, in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor on Sverdlovsk area.