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In the Perm edge attempt at murder of the businessman

Attempt on 62 is opened - the summer Perm businessman (inspectors do not open his name) has occurred on February, 16th in village Bash - kultaevo that in twenty kilometres from Perm. There the individual businessman who is engaged in sale of mixed fodders, quite often came on working affairs.

having caught for the businessman in the street, two criminals have opened fire. Despite the got wounds (in the man have thrust five bullets), it could hide in the nearest house.

after several more shots on a wooden door of the house, criminals have laid down arms and have disappeared from a scene. The wounded man was found out by inhabitants of village and have called Fast . In extremely grave condition it is in hospital.

as has told a source in law enforcement bodies, field investigators have caught criminals in some days red-handed. It not executors. Have reserved, and have executed. They are arrested, it brings accusation under article Attempt at murder .

- the Motive of murder quite banal, - has added a source. - criminals have run into debt to the businessman the large sum of money, from one and a half roubles to three millions - the exact figure is still specified. Did not want to give, here and have decided to finish with the businessman in such monstrous way.