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At concert Rammstein it is simple so you will not take a picture

At a concert of German group Rammstein it will be completely forbidden a photo - and a video shooting. Such is the requirement of musicians.

Therefore in a building it is impossible to carry by not only professional, but also amateur equipment. It will be tracked by the Minsk militia, informs Interfax - the West .

On a concert will not start up also drunk or those who alcohol bears with itself. It is not necessary to take with itself the big things, however, there is a possibility to hand over them in left-luggage offices about inputs in a building.

Besides, the problem can arise at motorists: a parking nearby Minsk - Arena contains 1080 cars, and places in a hall much more. Therefore the militia suggests to refuse an individual transport and to arrive on a concert on the public. Or it is necessary to reflect in advance where to be parked.

All spectators will subject to personal inspection and will pass through metallodetektory. The militia urges to arrive in advance to avoid stoppers in the doorway: though kontrolno - check points will be 24 and they will start to work for an hour to a concert, but on how much it is all will be tightened, it is not known.

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