Rus News Journal

Novosibirsk operov have deduced on the criminal trails of blood on snow

in the Evening to 40 - to the summer taxi driver the inconspicuous fellow has sat down anything. The passenger has asked to throw so far it   to Nemirovich`s street - Danchenko. And when the car has approached on the specified address, the guy has declared:

- Now there is my friend, and you will take us to one place.

the Carrier has obediently nodded and has turned away, having looked in a window.

- the Guy, having seized this moment, has put it three blows to the head, - have told in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area. - Having turned to the passenger, the man has seen at it in hands a knife. The robber began to demand from the driver money, and that began to resist. Struggle has begun, and the malefactor has cut to the driver the person. Being afraid for the life, the taxi driver has groped the knife hidden between seats and has struck it blow in a foot of the robber. Without expecting such turn of events, the malefactor who is bleeding profusely, has decided to recede. Having run out from the car, it has run in one of entrances of the nearby house. The driver has called First aid and   police officers.

the Opera of private security of the Kirov area the first have come to the rescue. Also have caught the robber literally on trails of blood on snow.

- Crew First aid hospitalised both, on the next couches in an accident ward it had been rendered medical aid, - add in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. - the malefactor had appeared   20 - the summer local resident, earlier the offender for a robbery, it has given grateful evidences. Now criminal case under article " is brought; Robbery . The investigation is carried on.    

  Peasants have shot, and then have set fire to the taxi driver