Rus News Journal

By March, 8th the French artists have presented to Petersburgers an exhibition

the New exposition have devoted at once to several events. In - the first to, of course, coming women`s day, and in - the second - year of France in Russia.

- the Exhibition Homo Sum it is devoted   to a sensual female image, - organizers of action have told. - the main subject uniting all cloths, sounds so: I am a woman. I am a person! . By means of a brush and paints artists try to find the answer to a question: who it, our contemporary who unites in itself absolutely opposite desires and pressings forward?

At an exhibition for the first time in Russia it will be possible to see works of known West European and Russian modern artists.

Jean Zhansema`s Pictures are exhibited at halls of Louvre and museums of the modern art of Japan and America. Touching images in its pictures name angels cruel   the world. Models are fragile, gentle, easy and remind beauties from glossy magazines a little. In what an attractiveness riddle angels difficultly obsnit: can be, all business in their touching and defencelessness.

the Belgian painter Hans Laagland creates in the technician of masters of a XVII-th century. He draws with 15 - summer age, and huge influence on the artist was rendered by Rubens`s cloths. Ladies Laaglanda with the peach skin and brilliant hair   remind porcelain figurines shone from within.

Lyons Lenders uses silk slices, mosaic gold, a paper of own manufacturing and even lingerie in work.

the Exhibition passes in gallery Slavinsky art to the address: 6 - I a line of Vasilevsky island, d. 5/ 5.