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In the Ekaterinburg zoo bears from the beginning of year have asked for the first time meal

Awakening clumsy after hibernation it is impossible to consider definitive. And to visitors to see them while it is impossible - it is possible to hear only puffing and deaf vorchane in covered open-air cages. Yes, they have ceased to suck a paw and have reflected on the present meal. But it still means nothing.

to Feed them while on summer norms nobody gathers.   bears with heat ward simply began to yawn and at them malenechko appetite has woken up. Ask a little: at one time brown and Himalaya bears eat nebolshe a healthy house cat: the apple slice, is a little small fish and a quarter of black bread   - necessarily smeared with cottage cheese with vegetable oil. A food thrice - three times a week. While their menu hardly reaches 5 - 10 percent from summer norm, but beasts confidently grow.

In the Ekaterinburg zoo of bears of three pairs - brown, belokogotnye and Himalaya. Have lain down for the winter in pairs. Their Arctic neighbours - polar bears did not sleep only.   usually bears wake up later - to the middle - to the end of March. But fast warming in the beginning of March to 0 degrees   stimulated their activity.

and all - taki,   on - serious, they leave   from hibernation not earlier than the terms put by the nature. It is connected with deep physiological changes in an organism of a bear. All depends not only on ambient temperature, but also from length of light day. That is - where - that beginning of April. Then will begin a defile which visitors of a zoo can see.